Custom Branded Nail Polish Packaging Box Christmas Color

Focus Features:


Custom Branded Nail Polish Packaging Box Christmas Color, this specially customized gift box has a unique shape. The lid is in the form of “double open,” the magnet is cleverly hidden in the cardboard, and it automatically sucks when the carton is closed. The overall material of the box is 3mm gray board, the face paper is 157gsm coated paper, and the inner paper is black cardboard. Four-color offset printing on the surface of the box, splicing patterns, and ribbons are connected.

The circular cardboard is designed in the middle of the carton and is glued to the center of the box. Like a door handle, it is convenient for customers to open. This design is novel and unique. Black cardboard is all mounted inside the carton, high-end luxury, customized black EVA lining according to the shape of the product, so that the product is better placed into the gift box, the consumer feels neat and elegant when opened.

This gift box can be used for the packaging of cosmetics, perfumes, and other products. Before ordering samples, we can provide 3D renderings to let you better understand the effect of the finished product. After the design is confirmed, we can complete the samples within ten days.

The lead time for bulk products is around 15 days. With more than ten years of customized packaging experience, we are confident that we can meet your high-end customization needs.