Custom Business Pen Gift Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Textured paper on box bottom and specialty paper on box lid
  • Half-covered box structure, add luxury feel to the products, and easy for customers to open it.
  • Velvet satin fabric inserts, with a silk band to secure the pen.
  • Under the fabric, there are printed manuals.
  • Spot UV varnish all-over the box lid, shiny and high-end feeling.
  • Packed in carton, ensure excellent quality delivery.

Make Your Packaging Impressive By Specialty Paper

Specialty paper, as the name suggests, has unique features that set them apart from standard paper. These specialty papers can be differentiated based on their color or texture.

  1. Specialty color paper is born with a distinct color that cannot be achieved through printing alone. These papers come in various shades and colors that can make packaging look special and eye-catching. For instance, a custom business pen gift box shown in the picture features a cream-colored specialty paper, which looks very impressive.

  2. Specialty textured paper has a unique texture that is pressed into the paper using steam. These textures can range from regular shapes like squares, triangles, and octagons to more unique patterns. We can find precisely the type of texture that a customer wants. Some customers may wonder if we can emboss a flat paper to achieve a similar texture, and the answer is yes. However, the result may not have the same “real feel” as the original texture, but it can still be customized according to the customer’s preference.

In summary, custom business pen gift boxes can feature a specialty color paper on top and a specialty textured paper on the bottom. This combination is perfect for creating an impressive and unique packaging design that can help boost sales.

Not Only Lift-off Lid Style

For pen gift packaging, we have another one for you, and it’s a drawer box. Rigid drawer box is a sliding case opened from a long side. Are you interested in developing a new pen packaging box with Shanghai BPS? If yes, just fill the contact box and let us hear you more.