Custom Cardboard Box For Packing Furniture Accessories

Focus Features:

  • Full-color printing on the box inside and outside
  • EVA foam custom cut-out laminates with printed card
  • Matte coating
  • Suitable for long-distance shipping
  • FSC certified cardboard material


Custom Cardboard Box For Packing Furniture Accessories, this box is printed inside and out according to the customer’s design. The box is CMYK four-color printing, and the surface is covered with matte film. The inside of the box contains a customized EVA lining and is cut into shapes for product placement. This box is equipped with a magnetic switch system, and it is more convenient to open and close the box.

Overall, the cutting of the box is very accurate. When you see the corners of the box, do you find them neat? Similarly, the paper card mounted on the EVA is very flat and sharp. Our customers sell furniture accessories, so they require the corners of the box to be as straight as furniture, and finally, we did.

When you design the box, you may need us to provide the die-cut template. Of course, our designers will offer free die-cut templates in time and can work closely with your designers to make your packaging design better.

Before ordering samples, we can make a 3D model and give you a reference in advance so that you can see the overall style of the box in advance.

The time for us to complete the sample is seven days, and the time for mass production is 10-15 days. We also accept rush orders, but you need to inform in advance.