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Make your product visible in market, the custom cardboard displays are not only packaging box but also an advertisement tool.

custom cardboard displays visible

Enhance your brand by anywhere display boxes in marketing, the best choice for start-ups promotion and famous brand.


Re-useable box, made from recycled cardboard material. By fulfill products to gain another new custom cardboard displays.

Custom floor Display Stands

Custom floor display stands always being used for supermarket sales and promotional sales. It’s the biggest display box style in custom cardboard displays. With several shelves, you are able to put many kinds of products onto and show to your potential customers. You can clear see the advertisement header on the top of displays, it’s removable, put your logo and brief introduction onto. 

The floors be joint by plastic nails or iron nails, they are removable, too. Generally, our custom floor display stands can load 30KGS per layer, and able to customized to load heavier products. As long as you have any idea of the box shape and neccessary artworks, we can create layout for your preview. We have Digital sample machine, which enable us finish a sample within 2 days and send out to you. 

Maybe you are hard to find us sometimes by searching, because you may also call them custom display racks, Custom PDQ box, POP box, POS boxes.

Custom counter displays

Custom counter displays always being used in stores as a retail packaging box. Same as foldable mailer boxes, they can be folded up without any glue, it’s very eco-friendly and fast process in packing. The counter-top display being joint with 2 parts, one is the box body, another one is advertisement header board like custom PDQ boxes. 

Box body can be empty, and can be filled with divider. Just let us know your product size and how they sit on, we will suggest you more information.

It’s normal that you need to deliver those displays to your distributors and retailers, how they get to know folding up this box? No worries, we will attach a detailed folding instruction flyer into each single box for you, or take a video for you, just leave it to us!

custom pallet displays | Dump Bins

Custom Pallet displays are joint-structure of several floor stands, they are very big in size, can display multiple series of products in one display box. In the picture, you can see the justice league display box, it’s a medium-size pallet display box

The custom dump bin, actually a stackable display box. Stack products without order or in divider. In Wal-Mart and Target, you can see a lot such boxes. Used for retail sales and promotional shows.

We suggest sinfle wall B flute corrugated fiberboard as material, they are strong, and gain double strength after folding the board. Enough for display purpose, re-useable.

Thanks for BPS, you have done a great job in the POP displays, good partner of my Aloe Vera business.
Testimonial Iherb
Diego Desančić
Head of Marketing in Iherb

Below are videos of Custom Cardboard Displays