Custom Cardboard Dump Bins with Divider

Focus Features:

  • Straight box body with a divider inside.
  • Outside and interior printing, matt finish.
  • Long box body, can place with large items, such as an umbrella, tubes, and so on.
  • The flat shipping and collapsible structure.
  • They are recycled and reusable.
  • Size max 1000*1000*3000mm.

Best Grab-and-Go Packaging Box

Like this custom cardboard dump bin with divider, it can lead customers to make a grab-and-go purchase decision, boosting your sales with a well-designed display. The packing process is simple- just place products in the bin to fulfill it. Dump bins need to be made with higher-quality cardboard materials, which means thicker material than other kinds of cardboard displays. The reason for this is that the dump bin bears more weight in smaller box sizes, and if it is not durable enough, it can easily burst somewhere.

Want To Make The Dump Bins Closeable?

If you are selling products that need to be protected from dust, or if you want to make the box closeable for shipping, we can customize a cardboard cover that extends from the original cardboard of the box body. This cover can be inserted when you need to close the dump bins.

By working with Shanghai BPS, you can get exactly what you want in terms of structure, design, printing, and flexible packing and shipping options. These custom cardboard dump bins with dividers are just one example of what we can do. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to start your own customized box project!