Custom Cardboard Insulated Wine Box Suitcase

Focus Features:

  • Rigid cardboard material, with leatherette covered on the surface
  • Aluminum foil thermal insulation inside the box
  • High-quality handle, easy to carry
  • Custom sizes and color design available
  • Able to ship to door worldwide
Let’s Customize It Now!


Custom Cardboard Insulated Wine Box Suitcase, it’s a high-quality rigid cardboard box with leatherette covered on the surface. The whole box is matte black. However, it’s not the only option, and we can also customize red, yellow, green, blue, or any other colors. And different texture and patterns are available as well. Additionally, if you need a custom logo or message service, we can also pre-print on this box.

The metal lock and metal hinge make this wine box higher quality so that it’s not easily broken after many times open and close. And all these metal parts are galvanized to avoid oxidation or corrosion. What’s more, as this is a six-pack wine box, a high-strength handle is necessary. It makes this box become a suitcase, more portable, and you will be much easier to carry such a wine box contained six bottles.

Let’s see the core feature of this box. It’s a thermally insulated wine box. As we know, good wine must store and transit at low temperatures. Our insulated wine box has aluminum foil insulation in it. Therefore this box has an excellent thermal insulating function. As a result, wine-packed inside can keep in the cold for a long time, and the quality of the wine will be guaranteed.

Want to get such a super-insulated wine box suitcase? Need to customize your high-end wine box? Don’t hesitate! Leave a message, and our sales will contact you in a short time.

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