Custom Cardboard Insulated Wine Box Suitcase

Focus Features:

  • Rigid cardboard material, with leatherette covered on the surface
  • Aluminum foil thermal insulation inside the box
  • High-quality handle, easy to carry
  • Custom sizes and color design available
  • Able to ship to door worldwide


Introducing the Custom Cardboard Insulated Wine Box Suitcase, a high-quality rigid cardboard box covered with leatherette on the surface. The box comes in matte black, but we offer various colors, textures, and patterns to suit your preference. Moreover, we provide custom logo or message services to be pre-printed on the box.

This wine box features metal locks and hinges that are galvanized to prevent oxidation or corrosion. The six-pack wine box also comes with a high-strength handle, making it more portable and easier to carry six bottles.

The key feature of this box is its thermal insulation. Wine must be stored and transported at low temperatures, and our insulated wine box has aluminum foil insulation that provides excellent thermal insulation. This feature ensures that the wine remains cold for a long time, preserving its quality.

Looking for a super-insulated wine box suitcase or a customized high-end wine box? Don’t hesitate! Leave a message, and our sales team will get back to you shortly.