Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd Has Set Up A Full Production Line For Custom Cardboard Rigid Gift Boxes

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Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd (here short for SCP) purchased Fully-Automatic Packaging Machine, and they have successfully set up a full production line for all kinds of custom cardboard rigid gift boxes.

It means that they can produce 100,000+ rigid gift boxes per day, compared to 30,000 pieces max in the past. From box printing, box mold setting up, lamination, to final assembly, the machine takes all works.

A lot of companies are eager to find fast-responding custom box manufacturers, and SCP is a good source. Located in Shanghai of China, a seaport & airport city, SCP can deliver the printed boxes between 7 days and 30 days, depending on the shipment method.

SCP takes a lot of advantages from the full production line. Yunnan Airlines is our key customer, and in the past, we could only take small orders from them, but now, we get almost all packaging & printing orders from them, said Michael Wang, The CEO of SCP.

Their production ranges from custom drawer boxes, custom box with lid, custom magnetic closure gift box, custom collapsible rigid boxes, and other printing services.

Custom Printed Rigid Gift Boxes

Custom Printed Rigid Gift Boxes

Quality Control And Money-Back Policy

How do they control the quality of the paper packaging? There are four steps:

  • material check,
  • printing quality check
  • size check
  • finished box quality check.

Material check: After ordering, SCP will check the order material detailed, and check them by machine. How thick it is, what is the color on 2 sides?

Printing quality check: compare to the original artwork, together with our GMI management and PIM system, they will double-check if the finished printed paper is accurate.

Size check: with their die-line, it’s easy to measure the finished box size, and they have always passed!

Quality check: From ECT, FCT to BCT, they will test them by professional machine, to make sure box strength quality is enough as the customer had ordered.

It is not enough to say how professional they are without actual action. Shanghai Box Packing Solution team offer the money-back guarantee for unqualified products. If it is the wrong size, wrong printing, poor material quality, they will send the money back within three days.

Turn Your Packaging Design into Real Custom Boxes

With a few clicks, clients can turn their packaging design into a real box. They are flexible and come in various shapes and sizes. No matter if the client has the design file in hand or not, or it’s just a concept drawing, SCP can help the customer finalize design within a few steps. Then he will get the final sample within seven days.
For a digitally printed sample, the lead time is only two days. The sales manager will provide support from beginning to final. If needed, an artwork designer and structure designer will contact the customer directly, for better communication.

SCP has an in-house laser cutting machine, can cut different boxes within 5 minutes. If the box is unprinted, they can finish the sample within 1 hour.

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Custom Rigid Gift Boxes

Custom Rigid Gift Boxes

About Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd

SCP offers high-end custom paper boxes, custom corrugated boxes, Custom Rigid boxes, customized paper bags to paper tubes packaging.

Moreover, for different industries, they offer packaging solutions, including cosmetic packaging solution, Apparel & shoe packaging solution, food packaging solution, fruit & vegetable packaging solution, game box packaging solution, and digital device packaging solution.

They have three factories covering corrugated box production line, paper bag production line, and rigid gift box production line. SCP started to produce paper packaging in 1998. They offer an extra packaging & printing services as below:

  • Custom Packaging design
  • A full packaging solution
  • Packaging Mock-up service
  • Quick sample process
  • Warehousing service