Custom Christmas Color Eyelash Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Use to pack a pair of Eyelashes
  • Blister insert tray
  • Book shape, customizable logo printing
  • Hidden magnetic closure, can be changed to ribbon closure
  • Small MOQ request
  • FSC certified material
Let’s Customize It Now!


Custom Christmas Color Eyelash Packaging Box, this kind of gift box is small and exquisite. Open the box like a book. The magnet is hidden inside the cover, reducing the impact on the appearance.

The outer box material is 2mm gray board mounted with 157gsm white cardboard, with Christmas themed elements printed on the outside and red on the inside. The material of the inner box is 2mm gray board with shiny special paper. The shiny green effect gives people a bright feeling. The whole box is covered with paper, matching red and green, just like flowers.

The inner lining is made of transparent thermoformed plastic, and the customized card slot is embedded in the eyelashes, which can better display the product. The insert of this product can be replaced with EVA sponge, which can be used in the packaging of perfumes, essential oils, and other products. We provide a die-cut template for customers to complete the design free of charge according to the size required by the customer.

The sample production time takes seven days, and the mass production time is 10 to 15 days. The five-layer corrugated cardboard box is used as packaging to ensure that the transportation is intact, and we deliver to the door. We insist on high-quality packaging and worry-free returns.

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