Custom Christmas Gift Box For Scented Bath Soap

Focus Features:

  • A fabric frame is attached to the box lid
  • White color interior coating
  • Partial covering lid to the bottom part
  • Matte coating
  • Customizable size
  • FSC certified material


Custom Christmas Gift Box For Scented Bath Soap, this gift box is a lift-off lid box type, which is very suitable for soap packaging. The lid does not cover the bottom of the box but covers two thirds, which is easy for customers to open. It is not easy to separate in transit.

The overall material is 2mm gray board mounted special paper. This bright color special paper has a high-end atmosphere and comes with bright light. The full color of the lid is printed in a solid color, and the custom-made woven fabric is attached to the lid to increase the layering of the packaging.

We covered the inside of the box with white to make the overall beauty better. The edging is exquisite, the overall effect is luxurious and elegant, and the details are revealed in the plain.

Professional designers can help you start designing from the original idea, or you can use your own design. We provide you with a die-cut template. When receiving your design, we only need seven days to complete the sample, and the mass production time is 10 to 12 days.

The outer box packaging is a five-layer corrugated cardboard box, and we provide door-to-door service. For quality, we promise to worry-free return or redo.