Custom Corrugated Food Counter Top Displays

Focus Features:

  • Original extended AD header, instead of separate AD header. Faster assemble process and more stable in their place.
  • Double-fold anywhere in the box, stronger.
  • Stackable, many pieces of countertop displays stack together to get a pallet display.
  • One-piece to shape, flat shipping.
  • Custom printing on the full scale of the box.

Seems Small, But Not Small

Countertop displays are a small body, but they play an important role in retail marketing. For retail sales items, it’s good to place them together into a beautiful printed countertop display. It’s not only for gathering but a signal to show the marketing, and you are in hot sale!

Small countertop displays are flexible, they can be a single sales unit, but they also can be another shape by putting together. For example, Some cardboard pallet displays are joint by many pieces of small countertop displays.

Get A New Blank Box Without Extra Cost

Yes, get a free new box without extra cost. Is that a joke? No!

Working with Shanghai BPS, we creatively minimum change the die-line. When you used up the box, you can get a blank new box by folding the box from the interior side, make the colored side as inside. Do you understand? This inspiration comes from NIKE double side sport cloth. Please note that not all countertop boxes can be like this. You need to tell us to require such a structure in advance, and we will revise somewhere on design for you.

Like this custom corrugated food countertop displays do, it’s double side useable. It saves you a lot of marketing and sales costs. We are creative, always!

If you feel interested in our products, contact us without hesitation!