Custom Corrugated Food Dump Bins

Focus Features:

  • Dump bins with dividers and a cardboard cover.
  • It can be customized for many layers inside and different height of the box.
  • Full-size printing all-over the box, matt lamination.
  • The bottom of the box can cover with a bigger cardboard tray to avoid water and moisture.
  • Sustainable green cardboard material. (Why sustainable cardboard material?)

Right Partner For Your Retail Business

This bin display is perfect for retail stores that want to free up shelf space by consolidating excess inventory. The bin display features one compartment for a bulk showcase of items. If you’re a sales outlet looking to change your displays for a new season or a new line of business, this bin display is perfect for you.

The bin display, also known as a cardboard floor-standing dump bin, is also great for encouraging impulse purchases. Place a bin display near your checkout lanes and fill it with candy or other small items to watch your sales numbers grow!

This custom corrugated food dump bin has a header with customized graphics to advertise the products on display. It includes full-color UV images printed on a sticker that can be adhered before shipping. Change this floor-standing cardboard FSDU dump bin with sale announcements or a brand-specific graphic and place it at point-of-sale locations.

Not only is this fixture lightweight, but the black corrugated finish helps your images pop for an attractive display. Display organic potato chips in the compartment with a personalized printed sign advertising the brand. This cardboard FSDU dump bin is the perfect combination of marketing and product placement for retail stores to boost sales.

Get Them Customized Today!

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