Custom Corrugated Hot Wheels Floor Stands with Hooks

Focus Features:

  • Eighteen hooks installed onto the shelf, hang any products.
  • Simple box design, easy to be designed and structured.
  • Lightweight and cost-effective.
  • Reuseable and recycled cardboard material
  • It can be customized to hook pallet displays joint-structured.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Give Hangtab Boxes A HOME

Cardboard Hangtab box is a kind of box structure that has a hang hole on the box top, able to be hung up on a shelf. Cardboard hook displays are a right home for them, hang up on it, and show to your customers. More and more manufacturers are keen to cardboard made hook displays since it’s eco-friendly and reusable. Like the pictures showed, custom corrugated hot wheels floor stands with hooks, contains 18 single hooks for you to place your packaging.

Research showed that, takes hook displays can lead to a 23% sale rising compare to using those regular display stands. But at this moment, Shanghai BPS would like to note that not all products are suitable for hook displays; they need to be a lightweight and small size.

How Do We Deliver And Pack

Since the hook displays have a lot of single iron/plastic hooks, if you need us flat shipping, so we need to advise you to install hooks on your end. It’s easy, just peel off stickers and place it onto. If you need us to send finished products, then we would add a cardboard cover onto the top, the total volume should be significant.

We deliver our products to any destinations, by air, by sea, by express or even by railway. We accept FOB, C&F, DDU, DDP terms. We are proud to offer you deliver-to-door service, by one lick, we will send custom made floor shelves to your door without any handling on your end.

Feel free to ask us more questions if you have.

Useful Information