Custom Corrugated Rack for Shake Bottle

Focus Features:

  • Four-floor shelves, each as a single box tray with holes for bottle fitting.
  • One-piece to fold, no glue, no nails, flat shipping.
  • Customized printing outside, inside can be white color instead of brown.
  • Reduce your coordinate time by adding a cardboard cover after placing products, work as a shelf-ready packaging box.

Lightweight Packaging Is More Popular

This custom corrugated rack for shake bottles weighs only 2kg, which is significantly lighter than the average weight of 10kg. This lightweight design offers several benefits that make it cost-effective for you, both in terms of unit cost and business cost. Using less material to produce the box reduces the unit cost, which is particularly beneficial for startups. Additionally, the reduced weight means lower shipping costs and ease of movement.

This lightweight box is suitable for packing lightweight products like shake bottles, which are typically made of plastic. The example box can hold 32 bottles, weighing a total of 10kg.

Give All Jobs To Us

Leave all the work to us, from design and crafting to testing and production. You can focus on your business while providing us with the necessary design elements. All we need from you is your logo, design ideas, product specifications, and shipping address. We have a fast turnaround time of just 15 days for all these tasks.