Custom Corrugated Wine Carton Box

Focus Features:

  • 100% Eco-Friendly wine carton box
  • Flat ship and easy fold to shape
  • With a rope handle, portable
  • Custom full-color printing design
  • Low MOQ: 500pcs


Custom Corrugated Wine Carton Box, this is a single wall corrugated cardboard wine box. We also call it three layers or 3 PLY cardboard.

  • The external layer is an AAA grade 350gsm duplex board, with a full color printed on it. Color designs printed on this paper board is wonderful, and the corrugation is very hard to see.
  • The medium layer is 140gsm test liner. B flute in a thickness of 3mm, to resist crash and hit.
  • And the internal layer is 170gsm white kraft liner. It’s not only in better looking than standard brown kraft paper but also with high strength quality.

The structure of this wine carton is brilliant but also easy to shape. You can see from the picture; it’s snap-lock bottom and tuck top style. So that very fast to form into a box and no tape required. Also, with a rope handle, it will be more convenient for you to take this box full of wines.

We make glossy water-based varnish on the surface of this corrugated wine carton to protect the colors of this carton as the varnish is water-based so that the whole box is 100% recyclable and environment-friendly. However, if you require other finish treatment, such as glossy lamination, matte lamination, UV coated, etc., we can also offer you.

MOQ of this wine carton box is only 500pcs, and the more you ordered, the lower price will be. What’s more, as we have a very professional designer team, we can customize different sizes and color designs according to your requirements. So please feel free to let us know your demands, we are happy to help with you.

Contact us! Let’s start here to make your custom wine carton box!