Custom Cosmetic Pallet Displays

Focus Features:

  • Cubic shape in the base, 1000*1000*1000mm size, big enough to put long-range products line onto and display.
  • Extend small display tray onto, and it’s used for some hot sales products display.
  • Printed AD header for your brands and Spokesperson images.
  • It’s not hard to be assembled, and please check our pallet display folding video for reference.
  • Collapsible in shipping and after using.
  • MOQ starts from 100 pieces.
  • Short lead time
  • Free printed samples before bulk production.

Why Use Such Pallet Displays For Cosmetic Product?

Both manufacturers and retailers like the pallet displays, it reduces the coordinates in shipping and packing. Manufacturers can work with the right packaging partner and load the products into the pallet display in advance, and cover it like a shelf-ready packaging box. After the retailers receive packaging, they only need to place it in the right place and start selling. Such a big body pallet display costs much. However, it loads much more items on the box and hidden in the dump bins, and it is worthy.

Design Process of Pallet Displays

This custom cosmetic pallet displays design is a natural process: Four large side printing, and an AD header. Glossy printing lamination makes the artwork last longer and a water-proof function. If you are interested in customizing a similar box, tell us the size and items weight, we will send you a blank die-cut line template for you to place the artwork. After sending it back, we will give you a quote and sample.

Do not hesitate to send us an inquiry by fulfilling the contact form.