Custom Cylinder Wine Bottle Package With Rope Handle

Focus Features:

  • The tube size perfect fitting the wine bottle
  • Nylon handle patched
  • Curl and Disc tube style
  • Matte coating
  • Sustainable cardboard

Description Of Wine Bottle Package With Rope Handle

The Cylinder box has been custom-made for a Century enterprise, a renowned wine producer in the world. It was designed for a supermarket display, and features a 3-piece structure with the top lid as one piece, and the tube bottom made up of two walls – the inner neck and the tube body.

To make it easy to carry, we have drilled holes in the cardboard tube wall and attached black nylon rope handles. You can choose the color of the rope to match the printing on the tubes and enhance their appearance. The rope can also be threaded through the tube lid and body to prevent the lid from dropping after opening.

The artwork is printed on the outside of the top lid and body, while the bottom has a bar code. The inside of the tube is white and doesn’t have any printing, and the opening has a round rolled edge, making it look neat and tidy.

The tube is made of 2mm thick chipboard, wrapped with custom printed art paper, and has a matte lamination surface treatment, giving it a luxurious look. It is designed to fit a standard 750 ML wine bottle, with a diameter of 102mm and a height of 333mm. We can customize the size to fit your specific bottle.

To prevent dust and moisture, each tube is packed with a polybag.