brand your eyelash business with dedicated packaging box options!

Eyelash extensions are known by different names depending upon their purpose and permanency. False lashes are used to enhance the thickness, length, fullness, and curliness of natural eyelashes and are available in various colors, lengths, and materials to cater to different needs.

Temporary false eyelashes can either be glued to the eyelid or have a magnetic strip. Other more permanent variants are designed for longer durations and can be worn while sleeping, swimming, or showering. Permanent extensions have gained preference as they provide convenience in terms of time and effort.

False Eyelashes Market Size Worth $1.6 Billion by 2025

-Quote from Grand View Research, Inc.

For eyelash boxes, we provide cardboard material, acrylic material, and folding paper material for use. If you need your packages to be more fashion, we can die-cut a window on the box top or add a clear plastic window.

In the past, we supplied custom packaging to more than 60 different customers in Eyelash & False lash industry. They are different appearances, such as a magnetic closure box, triangle shape box, hinged lid box, folding carton, and drawer box. Moreover, we can add a cosmetic mirror on the box interior flap.

I hope it’s not too late for you to check this page. It includes all possible eyelash packaging boxes in the market, and you can customize your own custom eyelash box depends on the model number. Below is the menu with anchor jump.

The eyelash boxes with PVC window enable the customers see the product directly without opening the box

Custom Box Book Shape For Eyelashes

The hidden magnetic embed into the cardboard, when you closure the box like a book, the flaps connect with each other by the magnetic plate. Pink & Gold foil stamping makes the box more attractive.

Model: ELBW001

Custom Folding Box For Eyelash

The folding box carton with a plastic window on the front side, glossy plastic lamination, full color printing. It is good to hang the box on the hook up, for supermarket eyelash sales.

Model: ELBW002

Custom Folding Box With Hangtab For Eyelash

Made from matallic paper, the nano printing enable the box looks matte and soft touch. We can print the box per your artwork, and made-to-size.

Model: ELBW003

Custom Magnetic Closure Eyelash Packaging Box

Maybe you can see the box was made from 2mm thick rigid cardboard, like the Iphone packaging box. The die-cut window enable your customers check the items inside without open the box. There is a pull-up string, to pull up the eyelash.

Model: ELBW004

Custom Printed Cardboard Clamshell Style Eyelash Box

Only the bottom is attached to the outside sleeve, the box can be laid flat, work as a display box, different from normal magnetic closure box. The box contains a pink color foil stamping, and gold metallic paper coated base.

Model: ELBW005

Custom Printed Drawer Box For Eyelashes

A drawer box usually made from cardboard, but the box is shown in the pictures made from cardboard combined with plastic. The drawer is cardboard made, but the sleeve made from the plastic material. A brand name is printed on the plastic sleeve, to attract more attention.

Model: ELBW006

Eyelash Kits Packaging Box

The paint edge gold color makes the box unique, to pack three pairs of eyelash (false lash). The box is used for retail sales, a sliding cardboard insert could be pull-out to show you detailed products.

Model: ELBW007

Folding Carton Box With Window For Eyelash

Tuck end box style, elegant box shape, print on the exterior only, interior plain white.

Model: ELBW008

Gold Metallic Gift Box For Eyelashes

The box made from thick cardboard coated with shiny gold metallic paper, a rectangle shape plastic window is attached to the box front. When you open the box with a magentic closure, you will feel happy!

Model: ELBW009

Personalized Mint Hair Eyelash Packaging Box

Custom die-cut window shape for your eyelash products.

Model: ELBW010

Spot UV Coating Gift Box For Eyelashes

Full-over spot UV varnish on the box exterior, book shape magnetic closure, the back-end does not glued to the box sleeve, you can lay down the flap.

Model: ELBW011

They are very classic eyelash packaging models

Branded Acrylic Gift Box For Eyelash

Made from solid black acrylic material, gold foil stamping on the box, there is a blister tray on the box inside to hold eyelash items in position when in transportation.

Model: ELCP001

Branded Eyelash Box Double Sided Printing With String

We print the paper double-sided, and laminate it with the grey board, there is no way to show the grey color anymore. A pink color string is pre-installed on the box base, you can use the string to lift-up the eyelash product.

Model: ELCP002

Branded Metallic Gift Box For Eyelash Packaging

The Champagne gold color box is assigned by the customer, and the transparent colored PP insert was made to fit a pair of eyelash products.

Model: ELCP003

Custom Eyelash Box With Acrylic Insert

The box sleeve is a matte black cardboard, and the inner tray is a gloss gold metallic paperboard. You may notice that it’s a magnetic closure box style, include a separate blister insert to hold eyelashes.

Model: ELCP004

Custom Folding Carton Box For Magnetic Eyelashes

Matte black paper box with reversed tuck end, laser holographic foil stamping on the box outside.

Model: ELCP005

Custom Made Eyelash Display Carton Box

The box is made from a folding paperboard. With a creative box design, it is a display box as well as retail sales packaging. When you open the box, you can see the nine pieces of eyelashes, separated by the paperboard insert. When you close the box, you can take a clear sticker to seal.

Model: ELCP006

Custom Printable Eyelash Boxes Holographic Foil

This box is a kind of cardboard drawer style, black ribbon pull-out tab, and holographic foil stamping. The second picture showed the holographic effect is very eye-catching. When you slide the box out, you can see a holographic bottom, just under your eyelash product.

Model: ELCP007

Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes Ready To Ship

We have SKU for this box style, contact us for more details, ship from one piece.

Model: ELCP008

Custom Printing Acrylic Eyelash Box

Transparent acrylic eyelash box with silk screen printing, hinged lid style, can put a pair of eyelash products.

Model: ELCP009

Custom Tuck End Folding Carton Box For Eyelash

The box is printed by nano-printing machine, the pigment is matte, so you can have a soft-touch feeling, straight tuck-end box style.

Model: ELCP010

Customized Laser Printed Gift Box For Eyelashes

Same as the Model No.ELCP007, it is a holographic printed box, someone also call it laser printing, you can see a shiny and gradual color.

Model: ELCP011

Double Sided Printing Eyelash Gift Box Packaging

Colors are printed per your requests, and the size is bespoke.

Model: ELCP012

Double Sided Printing Gift Box For Eyelashes

Book shape eyelash box with hinged lid style, eye-catching.

Model: ELCP013

Flip Top Eyelash Box

Cute design and light color theme, makes the box unique and eye-catching for young customers.

Model: ELCP014

High Quality Eyelash Packing Box

Marble color printed box, gives the customer a peaceful mind. Customized size and insert, FSC certified material.

Model: ELCP015

Hinged Lid Gift Box For Eyelashes

Textured pink paperboard, and shiny gold foil stamping, hinged lid box style, made-to-size, bespoke.

Model: ELCP016

Reverse UV Printed Eyelash Box

Matte color printing as well as a matte soft-touch. When you notice the box, you can see it’s different from normal printed box products.

Model: ELCP017

creative and unique eyelash box styles, attract more attention from customers

Cheap Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

Double-sided opening style, with a heart or rectangle shape closure.

Model: ELUB001

Custom Branded Diamond Shape Box For Eyelash

The diamond shaped box with metallic paper coating, unique and eye-catching.

Model: ELUB002

Custom Branded Eyelash Retail Sales Box

This box has a higher MOQ request than other boxes because it is made from Royal brand paper, and the insert made from acrylic instead of normal plastic material.

Model: ELUB003

Double Sided Opening Eyelash Box

Fully customizable, welcome to send us an email.

Model: ELUB004

Custom Box Book Shape For Eyelashes

Triangle shape box, holographic paper made, you can see the color gradual from side to side.

Model: ELUB005