Custom File Storage Packaging Boxes with Gold Foil Stamping

Focus Features:

  • Clamshell-shaped, Hinged lid, can be used as a product display function.
  • Creative card holder on the inside flap.
  • Made from 2mm thick duplex board, coat with black specialty paperboard.
  • Gold foil stamping of the logo on top of the box.
  • Strong magnetic closure
Let’s Customize It Now!

File Storage Packaging Box Can Be Luxury

This box is the first time we apply rigid cardboard material for file storage. In the past, we thought that a file storage box just needs to be corrugated board, can hold enough weight, then it’s fine until this customer asked us to make something luxury for them. Luxury feel, it always equal to rigid cardboard coat with specialty paperboard, and if put hot foil stamping somewhere. Those custom file storage packaging boxes with gold foil stamping let us feel happy since they meet customer’s requirements. The inside cardholder, we already offer to other customers, so just copy that template on this box. This box sized 30*10*3cm can put many pieces of paper works, for example, a sales contract.

Why Clamshell Style?

When you want the rigid box to contain a display function, you need to consider patch a clear plastic window onto or make it clamshell shape. Clamshell style is a kind of magnetic closure rigid box, but it enables the flap flat after open, looks like a clamshell. After you view our website, you will notice that no normal magnetic closure rigid box can do this.
Do you feel interested in such a clamshell file storage rigid box? If so, contact us for more details.
Useful Information