Custom Floor Display Stands for Cosmetics

Focus Features:

  • Robust Corrugated Clipboard made, easy to be printed with real color
  • Side printing customized accepted
  • Recycled cardboard material, can be printed on surface and interior also.
  • Shelves are removable, steel or plastic hook can be added onto, then it will be a hook display.
  • They are made to size per your request and product size.
  • Flat in shipping, fast assemble process.

How Do The Custom Floor Displays Enhance your Sales?

This Custom Floor Display Stand for Cosmetics is versatile and can be used in a variety of retail environments. Made from corrugated cardboard, it is lightweight and easy to move around your business. These tall stands are sure to catch the attention of store patrons and make great product displays due to their size and affordable price. They come in a white color, which makes them easy to blend in with any store decor. Additionally, other related items in various sizes, colors, and styles can also be sold alongside these displays.

The two shelves on these Custom Floor Display Stands for Cosmetics provide ample space for displaying a variety of products such as clothes, boxed cards, toys, and gifts. The removable header allows for easy switching of promotions for the items being displayed. Furthermore, the two shelves have a lip on the edge of each rack to prevent displayed items from falling and unnecessary damage. These POS cardboard displays are cost-effective and can attract shoppers, benefiting businesses.

In addition to these Custom Floor Display Stands for Cosmetics, there are also other types of POP retail stands available in the online catalog. With the help of our talent and expertise, we can create innovative displays that complement your brand’s products and personality. Our wide selection of custom cardboard packaging and displays is affordable and can be made to fit various retail environments. By working with us, you can have total control over how your products are displayed, which can significantly impact sales.