Custom Fresh Food and Fruit Packaging Boxes



                                *For Fruits/sea food/vegetables etc

                                *Various box/tray styles for choice

                                *Various cardboard material

                                *Custom full color printing

                                *Waterproof property finish

                                *Custom PVC window

                                *Custom box dimension/size

                                *Good price/short lead time


Meet With Customized Fresh Food Box Packaging & Banana Packaging Box

Our Ability in Fresh Food Box Packaging

As a Professional and reliable Corrugated Box China Manufacturer, Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team offer different box packing solution for the different industry. In Box Packing Solution Team, fresh food means fruit, vegetable, ice cream, and seafood. Researched into those products, linked to our sales experience, we offer fresh food box packaging solution since 2005. Those packaging are very simple printing, with less printing finish onto, but the box quality needs to be solid as they always packing heavy loads. There are 2 opinions, which are paper material and corrugated fiberboard material. The box structure is limited, they are slotted carton box style, top and bottom box style, tuck end box style and gable top snap bottom box style. The printing, always is 2 color flexo printing, very less offset printing. And printing finish always is plastic lamination (banana packaging box) and wax coated.

About The Market Until 2018

In India, Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia, they are million tons of bananas need to banana packaging box and shipped out. In Australia, American, and Japan, there are so many prawns and crabs need to be packed into waxed cartons. In Australia and Europe, there are several million carton boxes need to be used for the fresh fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, some countries always export ice creams and popsicle to the world. Meiji ice cream is our customer, we have offered several series of ice cream box package to them. Fresh food box packaging has been a very important production in our company and the packaging world.

Cherry tomatoes packaging box | fruit box

Cherry tomatoes packaging box,fruit box,veg box

Able to stuck one box to another box, tray shape box.

Fresh food box packaging tray | veg box | vegetable boxes

Fresh food box packaging

Fruit box tray, vegetable box tray.

Dates box with plastic window

Dates paper box with plastic window

Telescope shape box, foldable in shipping, for Golden Palm DATES.

Waxed carton box for prawn

Waxed carton box for prawn

Full waxed outside to avoid water and moisture, even put it directly in water pool!

Regular slotted box for fruits | cardboard fruit boxes | fruit and veg boxes

Regular slotted carton box for fruits

It’s better to pack fruits by plastic bag before putting them into the uncoated packaging box.

Waxed seafood packing box

Tomatoes packing box | cardboard fruit boxes

Telescope shape tomatoes packing box,vegetable boxes

The cutting hole enables tomatoes breath fresh air.

Waxed HEXAGONAL box tray | custom vegetable boxes | wax box

Waxed HEXAGONAL box tray,custom vegtable boxes

It’s a special box shape, after folding up, seems a unique packaging!

Fresh fruit display mailer box | food packaging supplies

Fresh fruit display mailer box,fruit packaging boxes,custom fruit boxes

Clamshell shape folding box, corrugated board material.

Fruity licks packaging box

Fruity licks packaging box

Can you believe it’s flexo printing? yes! we Box Packing Solution can print the box with fancy colors in cheap way-Flexo instead of Offset.

Ice cream ball packaging

Ice cream ball packaging

With perforation line, customers are easy to open.

Ice cream bar packaging box

Ice cream bar packaging box with plastic lamination

Offset printed corrugated box with plastic lamination.

Frozen yogurt bar packaging bowl

Frozen yogurt bar packaging bowl

Normal FDA paper material, inside laminate with plastic film.

Fruit protection foam

Fruit protection foam

EPE foam material, avoid hit from outside.

Fruit wrapping paper

Fruit wrapping paper

A kind of rice paper or Sydney paper, white and clear.

Fruit packaging bag

Fruit packaging bag

Tote bag style, flexo printing on brown Kraft paper.

Cool pet food bag

Cool pet food bag

Able to put into refrigerator and freezer, sturdy quality.

Plastic food bag

FDA certificated plastic food bag

This is an FDA certificated food grade packaging bag.

Fruits display box | fruit packaging boxes | custom fruit boxes

Fruits display box

Triple layer display box style, water resistant quality with plastic lamination.

Materials Apply For Fresh Food Box Packaging

In China, Shanghai Box Packing Solution team has 3 production line of cardboard material. Food packaging like other products packaging always applies paper card or corrugated materials. As fruits are heavier than vegetables, we suggest double layer corrugated fiberboard material to support the weight, with BE flute, it can load at max 100KGS fruits. And for vegetables, if you need them to be water resistant, please try our waxed box, the box inside and outside laminates with food wax makes the boxes strong and water resistant. For paper card materials, some of our customers have a direct touch on foods, so we suggest using food grade material, they have approved FDA certificates

Design For Fresh Food Box Packaging | Waxed Cardboard Boxes Design

With Shanghai Box Packing Solution team, you can work with us to create your eye-attractive design work for your paper packaging. It includes die-cutting design and artwork design. Since we have designers both, it’s good for us to design the box and bags entirely for you. We need to know the size of your boxes and bags, or just let us know how many KGS fresh products packed into the boxes, and then we will give you a reference size. Variety structures are offered for you, please check our free design on the website or give us a draft. Below we will show you some die cut work and artwork design, copyright owned by Box Packing Solution team (Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd).
Broccoli box design work,cardboard vegetable boxes

  • Broccoli box design work (waterproof box)

Waxed Broccoli packaging box art work design

  • Waxed Broccoli packaging box artwork design

Cold sambusa packaging design

  • Cold sambusa packaging design | cardboard vegetable boxes

Hexagonal waxed box for fruits die cut design

  • Hexagonal waxed box for fruits die-cut design

Customer Case of Fresh Food Box Packing Solution

Customer company introduction: “Amar Fresh backed by a modern infrastructure where the entire range of Fresh Fruits is hygienically processed using advanced machines. We store the entire lot in the sterile environment and at a required temperature so as to keep it fresh and germ-free for a longer period. Our infrastructure is urbanized in a highly modernistic way in order to ensure a free flow of the business operations. They have hired a team of devoted and experienced staff that helps us in meeting the set goals of the organization with ease. Our team members also perform their business-related operations in a best possible way. We also have a team of quality inspectors that strictly checks the quality of the products against numerous parameters. Our team members are appointed on the basis of factors like experience, punctuality, hardworking, domain expertise and knowledge.”

Process: We contact them via phone call and WHATS APP, and then we got the samples of the banana packaging box. After ECT test and BCT test of the box quality, we get the correct material for customer’s requirement. Then we make the sample to them, several times samples. Consider there is a lot of rain in India and a lot of moisture when packing the bananas into, we make the box moisture resistant- add moisture resistant oil to the surface. Finally, we shake hand with Amar fresh company and starting the orders, one week one container of the banana packaging box.

How our boxes perform in India market? how Indians pack our boxes with bananas? please check the video.

Water-resistant packaging box for the banana.

Banana corrugated packaging.

White banana packaging box

White banana packaging box

White Kraft outside with printing.

Brown banana packaging box

Brown banana packaging box

Brown Kraft corrugated box with printing.

Offset printed banana box

Offset printed banana packaging box

CCNB coated corrugated fiberboard packaging box.