Custom Gift Packaging Box with Nylon Handle

Focus Features:

  • Full covered box, snap bottom.
  • Gold nylon handle makes box take-away-able.
  • Glossy corrugated cardboard material
  • The most popular E-flute, 2mm thick.
  • White interior gain more elegant feeling to box when compared to brown interior
  • Worldwide delivery to door


Customize your gift packaging experience with our Nylon Handled Gift Box! This box is made of three layers of material, with 300gsm+170gsm+200gsm E-flute material that can handle up to 30kg. The snap bottom and tuck top style ensures a secure closure, and the golden color nylon handle adds a touch of luxury to the box. The custom CMYK printing with glossy lamination ensures that your brand or message is beautifully displayed. The box can be flat-packed and wrapped in Kraft paper or wrapping film on pallets. It is perfect for packaging gifts, toys, crafts, and more. Contact us to customize the size and printing for your needs. Our MOQ starts from 500 pieces, and the turnaround time is 7 days for sample and 10 days for production.