Custom Headphone Packaging Box with Full-Over UV varnish

Focus Features:

  • Black, red and white printing, overall the box.
  • Spot UV varnish on full box base and topsides.
  • Foldable, perfect fitting.
  • US Kraft paperboard as interior, robust and rigid quality.
  • Various size is available.

How To Ensure UV Varnish Quality?

UV varnish is a remarkable surface treatment that adds a glossy finish to the printing area. However, all-over spot UV can be a little more challenging than the standard full-over UV treatment. This is because every small spot template must be taken care of while creating a UV printing template. For instance, our custom headphone packaging box with full-over UV varnish has almost 300 spot areas that need attention. Any mistakes in the UV template can result in the final work being too heavy or light. But with Shanghai BPS, you need not worry about such issues. We use a scanning machine to check the UV template, which ensures accuracy and efficiency. In fact, many printing companies have started learning from our approach. So, if you want flawless all-over spot UV treatment, contact us today!

Flexible Box Inserts

At Shanghai BPS, we understand the importance of protecting your products during transportation. That’s why we offer a range of box inserts to ensure your headphones, cameras, chocolates, and other items arrive at their destination safely. Our inserts include foam, blister, paper cushion material, wrapping paper, cardboard, paper pulp, and fabric laminate inserts, tailored to meet your product’s unique specifications.

When it comes to protecting headphones, we recommend using foam inserts to prevent any shaking during shipping, which could impact the product’s quality. We offer various types of foam, including EVA, EPE, and XPE, to provide the best possible protection for your headphones. Our custom boxes can also be made to fit a range of products, ensuring a versatile solution for your packaging needs.

If you’re interested in creating a box with custom inserts, please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us. Our team is ready to work with you to create the perfect packaging solution for your products.