Custom Headphone Packaging Box with Full-Over UV varnish

Focus Features:

  • Black, red and white printing, overall the box.
  • Spot UV varnish on full box base and topsides.
  • Foldable, perfect fitting.
  • US Kraft paperboard as interior, robust and rigid quality.
  • Various size is available.

How To Ensure UV Varnish Quality?

UV varnish is a kind of surface treatment that makes the printing area shiny. All-over spot UV is a little more complicated than standard full-over UV. The reason is that you need to take care of every small spot template once you make a UV printing template. Like this custom headphone packaging box with full-over UV varnish, there is nearly 300 spot area. If there is any problem in the UV template, the final come out work would be incorrect- too heavy or light. Working with Shanghai BPS, you will ever be afraid of such problems. We creatively use a scanning machine to check the UV template, if there is an error in the UV template, the scan result will show, this is much more accurate and efficient than checking by a person. Now, more and more printing companies learn from us.

Flexible Box Inserts

You didn’t see any inserts to protect headphones, but they do while customers are packing the products. If you want, we will offer some different range box inserts for you. We have a foam insert, blister insert, paper cushion material, wrapping paper, cardboard inserts, paper pulp inserts, and some fabric laminate inserts. Based on your product specifications, we will have different options for you.

The headphone needs to be away from shake while shipping, or it may affect the quality of the hearing. So this kind of box better to take foam inserts. No matter it’s EVA/EPE/XPE or so, it will protect the headphone well. Such a box can be customized in size to fit more products, such as a camera, chocolate, Bluetooth speaker, and so on.

Do you feel interested in such a box? Do not hesitate to let us know your idea!