Custom Hinged Lid Book Shape Box For Packing Perfume Trial Kit

Focus Features:

  • Cream white color pearl paper coating, special and luxurious feel
  • Full-over logo
  • Hidden magnetic
  • Book opening style
  • EVA cut-out for perfume bottle
  • FSC certified material
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Custom Hinged Lid Book Shape Box For Packing Perfume Trial Kit, the inside and outside of the box is covered with cream white pearlescent paper, and the scattered black logo is printed. The box is opened in the same way as when opening a book, but we have a hidden magnet in the place where the box is flipped so that the box can be tightly closed.

Since this gift box is used to hold perfume and the perfume bottle is fragile, we added a whole piece of EVA sponge inside the box and glued it to the bottom of the box. EVA is white. To match the color of the EVA with the box, we put a printed piece of paper on the surface of the EVA, so that the EVA is also integrated into the box.

When we received this project, the buyer only told us the size of the bottle and asked him to provide him with a packaging solution. After receiving the bottle, we immediately 3D modeled and developed the EVA mold accordingly. Subsequently, the die-cut template of the gift box is provided to the customer so that the customer can design the carton based on this. During the first draft review, the customer wanted to change the magnetic closure box type into a book shape gift box, that is, remove the extra flap. We arranged for the designer to modify it immediately, and finally, this design met the client’s expectations.

Many buyers come to our company to consult and customize based on this box. I tell them that these boxes are customizable in size, printable, and liner are customizable, that is, you can decide the final style of the box. Within seven days after you order the samples, we can complete the production of the samples. Mass production takes 10-15 days, and we provide point-to-point transportation services.

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