Custom Hinged Lid Book Style Gift Box For Perfume

Focus Features:

  • Made from gold color textured specialty paper
  • Printed liner for perfume bottle
  • Double side printed
  • Sustainable material
  • Customizable for different sized perfume bottle
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Custom Hinged Lid Book Style Gift Box For Perfume, the inside and outside of the box is covered with special gold paper, and the customer company’s logo is printed evenly and dispersedly. Special paper is textured. When you touch it, you will feel the different layers. The perfume packaging box is very suitable for special paper.
It is worth mentioning that there is a hidden magnet at the place where the lid is flipped. It can be sucked tightly at the other end to ensure the sealing of the box.
This gift box is opened in the same way as a book, printed vertically. On the opposite side of the top of the box is the product introduction and company introduction, on the right is the perfume bottle. Like other high-end packaging boxes, we also use EVA lining to protect perfume bottles. But to be noticeable, we also need to add a little extra decoration to the carton. As shown in the picture, we stuck a layer of red paper on the bottom of the box. When you pick up the perfume bottle, the red color will show up. EVA was initially white. In order to maintain the integrity of the packaging box, we put a layer of paper on the EVA. The printing content of this paper is the same as the carton.
The phrase “good packaging can increase the added value of the product” makes sense. We have been manufacturing perfume boxes for more than ten years, and various box types have been produced. If you are interested in this perfume box, please write to us. Carton size, printing content, and additional requirements can be customized for you. When packaging boxes with your company logo appear on the market one by one, it will bring a more direct boost to your brand influence.
Our MOQ for this box is 500, the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price. If you need samples, we can provide customized printed cartons for you, and the delivery time is only seven days.
Are you still hesitating? Contact us as soon as possible to get professional packaging consulting services!

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