Custom Hinged Lid Insulated Cardboard Wine Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Hinged lid cardboard wine boxes
  • Premium PU leather exterior
  • Aluminum foil thermal insulation interior
  • High-quality carrying handle
  • Custom sizes and colors available
Let’s Customize It Now!


Custom Hinged Lid Insulated Cardboard Wine Boxes, it‘s a premium rigid cardboard box with hinged lid and PU leather surface.

The main body of the wine box is made of rigid cardboard. Rigid cardboard is a paper material that can shapes the box very well. And as we use 3mm thickness cardboard on this box so that it is also very durable and stable.

The exterior of the in pictures is black alligator-grain and red goat-grain. But they are not the only options, and we also have various kinds of different patterns to choose from. If needed, we can send a catalog of patterns to you. Moreover, a custom logo and message service can be provided as well.

A sturdy carrying hand makes this wine box portable even full of six 750ml wine bottles. The back hinge and front latch are metal material. They allow for easy and secure wine transportation. And all these metal parts are galvanized to avoid oxidation or corrosion.

This wine box features the interior thermal insulation. As we know, good wine must be stored and transited in cold circumstances. Our insulated wine box has aluminum foil insulation covered on the lid, bottom, and dividers. Therefore this box has an excellent thermal insulating function. So, our insulated wine box is a secret weapon when you take fine wine to a party.

Why are you still hesitant? Call us to get this fantastic wine box now! We can ship to your door worldwide.

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