Custom Hinged Lid Insulated Cardboard Wine Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Hinged lid cardboard wine boxes
  • Premium PU leather exterior
  • Aluminum foil thermal insulation interior
  • High-quality carrying handle
  • Custom sizes and colors available


Custom Hinged Lid Insulated Cardboard Wine Boxes are premium wine boxes made of rigid cardboard and covered with PU leather on the exterior. The cardboard used in these boxes is 3mm thick, making the box durable and stable. The exterior of the box is available in different patterns and colors, and a custom logo and message service is provided.

The wine box features a sturdy carrying handle, making it portable even when it is full of six 750ml wine bottles. The back hinge and front latch are made of metal and are galvanized to prevent oxidation or corrosion. These metal parts ensure easy and secure wine transportation.

The interior of the wine box is thermal insulated with aluminum foil insulation covered on the lid, bottom, and dividers. This feature ensures that the wine is stored and transported in cold circumstances, making it an excellent secret weapon for taking fine wine to a party.

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