When to use Kraft paper boxes

Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is a professional and reliable China supplier of Kraft paper boxes and custom Kraft boxes. Kraft paper box is made of high strength Kraft paper, due to the property of the kraft paper material. 

The kraft paper box and kraft paper bags should have strong durability. People use this kind of paper packaging for packing products which need high strength and durability. It’s 100% environment-friendly and recyclable, it’s safe to be used for food packagings, such as nuts, sandwich, salad and scented tea bags. 

Usually, the original kraft paper is color brown of double sides. The printing method for kraft paper boxes can be flexo printing, as well as offset printing.

Kraft Paper Box Manufacturer

200gsm Brown Kraft material, RTE box style. packaging for tea.

The advantages of Kraft paper box packaging

Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team had thought about the advantage of using Kraft paper bags as below:

1. Kraft paper box is produced with recyclable material, totally environmentally friendly. People tend to use this kind of eco-friendly packaging to packing their products, along with the increasing demand for environmental friendly requirements in the global market.
2. Kraft paper costs less among other paper materials, also the procedures of making kraft paper boxes are relatively simple, the total order cost is dropped accordingly. so, it tends to be a cost-saving solution while your budget is limited.
3. Along with the change of fashion, nowadays more people like kraft paper packaging, which looks retro due to its brown color, gives the packaging anther sense of beauty.
4. The kraft paper box has a very good strength and hardness, so as to well protect the goods inside from damage during long-term transportation.
5. The kraft paper packaging box is much easier to pass the customs commodity inspection. As the Custom would not ask for extra test report for brown kraft paper material, in this case, can save the logistic cost through fast transportation.

Flexo Printing Brown Kraft Box | kraft gift boxes

Flexo Printing Brown kraft paper boxes

Natural Kraft soap packaging box, offset color printed.

Offset Printing White Kraft Box

Offset Printing White Kraft Paper Box, kraft paper box

White virgin paperboard material, with a die-cut window on the front side.

The normal kraft paper box style

The most common style of kraft paper boxes is lift-off lid box and slide style box. As below you can see the introduction of these two most common box styles for kraft paper boxes.
1. Lift-off lid kraft paper box also called the top and bottom kraft box. This box is made up of two parts, the top lid, and the bottom base. The kraft box with this shape is usually made with the same height of the lid and the base. This way can double increase the compressive strength and bearing capacity of the box, so as to better protect the products inside.

Lift-off lid kraft paper box | kraft boxes with Lid

Lift-off lid kraft paper boxes

The insert is fold by hand, glue by machine, flat in shipping.

Lift-off lid kraft paper box

Lift-off lid brown kraft paper box packaging

Telescope shape or called the Kraft paper boxes with lids. rigid than other box shapes.

2. Slide style custom Kraft boxes, also known as drawer custom Kraft boxes, slipcase style box. It’s also consist of two parts, the drawer, and the slipcase. This style kraft box has very secure and solid structure and quite easy to use because the drawer can be put into and pull out from both sides of the slipcase. The inner drawer well protects the goods, while the slipcase can be well printed as an attractive decoration for the products.

Easy foldable slide style kraft box packaging

Slide style kraft paper box packaging

How to fold a Kraft drawer box? from the picture you would know.

Slide drawer style kraft paper boxes

Slide style kraft paper box

Printing could be your logo and brand on any side of the box.

The kraft paper food packaging container

As the food grade, kraft paper is disposable and recyclable, it’s also safer to be used for food packaging and food wrap material, such as sandwich and salad boxes. Usually, the boxes are with window to show the food inside. It’s an ideal and practical way from storage to transport and display the food to customers. In events, it’s a great way to organize your kitchen and by labeling on the boxes, make it very easy for your guests to choose the right food they want.

Salad packing Kraft paper box with PVC window

Salad packing kraft paper box

Take away boxes, food grade Kraft material.

Kraft paper packaging with window for sandwich

kraft paper packaging for sandwich

Triangle shape, food grade paper.

Kraft paper for wrapping rigid gift boxes

Rigid kraft paper gift boxes are made of 1200 gsm, 2mm thickness heavy-duty paperboard. It covered with natural kraft paper outside, to give a green and natural feel to the box. As below is a collapsible rigid kraft gift box. It shipped in a flat condition to save shipping cost and store space, but it’s easy to assemble while use. This kind of kraft gift box is strong enough to protect the item and product inside. It can be used for packing high-end product and valuable gift items. Of course, we can custom your logo and printing artwork on the rigid kraft gift boxes for your business marketing and branding.

Kraft paper for wrapping rigid gift boxes

A thick hinged lid Kraft paper box, single layer, to pack light products, always used for gifting.