Custom Leather Box For Wine

Focus Features:

  • Upscale leather exterior wine box
  • Premium leather carry handle
  • Outstanding metal logo
  • Smooth velvet interior and EVA foam lining
  • Custom service available


Custom Leather Box for Wine, it’s an upscale packaging box designed for top-grade wine.

The exterior of the box is covered with black leatherette. Leather textured appearance gives this wine box a very high-end feeling. Three pieces of the gold strap are delicately stitched. It makes the surface of this wine box much more three-dimensional. A custom metal logo is firmly glued on the box. Therefore the company logo is outstanding and able to leave a deep impression on consumers. On the blank area of the black leather, some text and image are silk-screen printed as advertising to attract consumers.

The interior of the box is covered with smooth velvet. Like another wine box, it also has cut-out EVA foam lining to hold wine bottles and accessories. This box can pack two (2) 750ml wine bottles.

Custom service:

  1. Color of the leather can be selected;
  2. Strap, logo, text, and image can be customized;
  3. Interior velvet color is customizable;
  4. Box size and bottle numbers can be personalized.
  5. Any other special requirements, please also tell us. We will try our best to realize it.