Brand your LED bulb box with various color options, sizes, as well as protective insert options!

The light bulb is a household electronic product that consumes a lot of money. It makes the world no longer dark at night and illuminates thousands of families.

As a fragile product, the light bulb has high requirements for the reliability of the packaging box. A perfect packaging box must be protective and aesthetic so that customers can get flawless products.

The same to bulb manufacturers think we are also committed to providing the best bulb packaging solutions. Up to now, we have provided tailor-made cartons for more than 60 bulb manufacturers.

Our bulb packaging product types include a Folding carton, shipping box, retail box, and display box.

If divided from the bulb type, we have customized the floor light, energy-saving light, smart LED light, spotlight, party light, Aluminium UV Reflector Lamp, Slim Flood Light, Portable Flashlight, and High Power Lamp packaging boxes.

Below are the different styles of custom LED Light Bulb Packaging Boxes for your reference. You can create your own based on each model.

Flood Light Packaging Boxes

Spot Light Packaging Boxes

Smart Light Packaging Boxes

LED Light Bulb Packaging Boxes

Custom Flood Light Packaging Box

Custom Corrugated Box For Slim Flood Light

Full-color printed corrugated packaging box. This carton uses three-layer offset-printed corrugated cardboard. The surface layer is the CCNB paper. It can be printed according to the customer’s design draft. It can be laminated, oiled, etc., mounted on the corrugated paper, and the strength is instantly improved.

The thickness is between 1-3 mm, and the inner paper is Brown cowhide, which can also be made into white. The opening of this carton is a locking socket, and the bottom is a socket bottom. The packaging is simple and can be transported flat. It can be used to packaging electronic products, toys, and e-commerce products, with strong practicability.

Model: FLPB001

Matt Black Box For LED Flood Light

Matte black LED gray bottom whiteboard paper card box; this paper box uses duplex paper as the raw material, which is relatively cheap, suitable for small and lightweight products; the box type is reverse tuck end (RTE).

The upper and lower openings have lock sockets, which can maintain the tightness of the carton and have high safety.

The assembly is simple and does not require glue, which is conducive to pack products quickly. The beautiful carton appearance can attract consumers and increase the sales of LED bulbs.

Model: FLPB002

Offset Printing Packaging Box For Flood Light

Offset printing LED light corrugated color box. This style of packaging adopts the upper socket to lock the bottom box type quickly. Because the bottom is a buckle bottom, the packaging is suitable for lighter products.

The material we chose is three-layer corrugated cardboard, and the surface is 300gsm gray-bottom whiteboard. The middle layer is E-flute corrugated paper the E-flute corrugated paper is thin and dense and shows its rigidity, compression resistance, and durability.

The inner paper is kraft paper, environmentally friendly, and recyclable—surface four-color offset printing, covered with matte film, more high-end, and beautiful.

Model: FLPB003

Custom Spot Light Packaging Box

Cardboard Box With Hanger For Spot Light

Hangable LED light paper packaging box, using 350gsm of white cardboard as the material, all white inside and outside. The surface is four-color offset printing coated with bright film, STE box type, simple shape, simple process, and short delivery time.

Different perforation lines can be made according to needs, convenient for opening the paper box, and taking out the bulb. Hanging holes are designed to facilitate hanging on the display rack to promote sales.

Model: SLPB001

High-Quality Spot Light Gift Box

The surface is printed with four-color offset printing, covered with a matte film, without printing inside. Customized blister lining to protect the LED lights from damage. The four corners of the gift box are vertical and the edges are perfect.

Model: SLPB002

Infrared Basking Spot Lamp Packaging Box Carton

This type of packaging is an auto-locking bottom box type. The box body and the bottom of the box can be folded into a flat shape. When the box is stretched, the bottom of the box can automatically return to the sealed state, and no separate bottom sealing is required.

The self-locking bottom box is currently widely used. Its disadvantages are that the structure is relatively complicated, the production speed is slow, and the production cost is relatively high.

The sample uses 350gsm white cardboard, which is economical, with four-color offset printing on the surface, covered with a matte film, and has soft touch.

Model: SLPB003

Custom Smart LED Light Box

Cardboard Box For RBG Smart LED Light

The box made from duplex paper with 400gsm quality, which is a little bit thicker than normal.

Model: SLLB001

Customizable Folding Carton For LED Smart Bulb

Customized full-color corrugated paper box. This color box uses three-layer corrugated paper as the raw material, and the inner layer is made of white kraft paper, which is more elegant and high-grade.

Four-color offset printing on the surface of the carton, covered with matte film. The printing design is simple, and the production process is exquisite and beautiful.

The box-type adopts a tuck top snap bottom, which has certain strength and tightness. It is currently the most commonly used locking bottom structure in packaging cartons, and the cost is also lower than that of the automatic locking bottom. It is widely used in cosmetics, light bulbs, wine, or food packaging.

Model: SLLB002

Smart LED Light Packaging Box

The small corrugated LED packaging box uses three layers of corrugated board, both inside and outside are white, which is more elegant.

For small-sized packaging, the use of corrugated materials is more durable and compressive. Four-color offset printing on the surface is covered with a matte film, saving printing costs by imposition printing.

The printed pattern and handwriting are clear, without broken lines or missing; the pattern’s color is consistent, bright, and there is no error in the printing position. The box type is straight tuck end style, and the printed content can be extended to the top of the box.

Model: SLLB003

Smart WIFI LED Bulb Packaging Carton Boxes

The smart LED light paper card box is made of 350gsm white cardboard, with high stiffness. We print on the outside of the carton in four colors, and the surface is mainly black, covered with a matte film, the quality of the paper is intact, with no damage, no stains, no holes around the box, and no gaps after the lid is closed.

The box body joints are standardized, and the edges are neat. It is clean and firm, can be tightly sealed, and has good dust and moisture resistance to protect products effectively. The box type is TTSB style, which can be assembled quickly and opened easily.

Add a plastic hook hole, and then the box could be hung on the display rack when needed.

Model: SLLB004

Snap Lock Bottom Box For Smart LED Bulb

The raw material of the fast-locking bottom corrugated color box is a three-layer corrugated material. The E-shaped corrugated paper is thin and dense and has rigid strength. The folding endurance is also good.

Laminate with white leather inside, which is clean and tidy, improves the overall grade. Lightweight, easy to load and unload, can avoid or reduce being thrown during the loading and unloading process, thus reducing the damage rate.

Easy to fold and lay down, saving storage capacity when stacking. The watch’s whole surface is printed with four-color offset printing, covered with a matte film, and the appearance is beautiful and marketable.

Model: SLLB005

WIFI Smart LED Light Packaging Box

LED color printing paper card box with a hook, this hanging type of packaging can make the product appear in the supermarket’s best position. The closure tab method makes assembly simple and easy to open.

The material is a white card, with a low economic cost, simple production, processing method, environmental protection, and recyclable.

The trademarks, graphics, text, and combinations on the surface are arranged together to form the overall effect of the packaging shape. Used correctly, appropriately, and beautifully, it effectively reflects the artistic connotation of packaging and the value of the product.

Model: SLLB006

Custom LED Light Bulb Packaging Box

Box With Plastic Window For LED Bulb

Customized color-printed corrugated retail cartons. This packaging uses three layers of corrugated materials. The surface is 300gsm CCWB paper, the middle is 120gsm corrugated paper, the thickness is between 2mm and 3mm, and the inner paper is 120gsm kraft paper.

Four-color offset printing on the surface, covered with dumb film, PVC window, you can see the overview of the product inside.

The box type is a tuck top snap bottom style, easy to open and simple to form, suitable for lightweight products.

Model: LLBPB001

Cardboard Box For Energy Saving Light

Customized energy-saving lamp foldable retail packaging box, using 350 grams of white cardboard or gray-bottom whiteboard, for small-size packaging, the stiffness, and hardness of this material is suitable.

A fixed round hole design is added to the opening to ensure that the energy-saving bulb is secured in the box.

From the perspective of overall design and production effects, the product’s outer packaging meets the requirements of simple, exquisite, and high-end design. It is easy to form and can be folded flat, saving storage space.

Model: LLBPB002

Cardboard Kraft Box For LED Bulb

This paper box is made of light-colored, environmentally friendly kraft paper with unique colors as the main material and is designed with simple and environmentally friendly styles.

The kraft paper used is produced from 100% environmentally friendly pulp. 100% recyclable, our company has an FSC certificate issued by the Forest Management Committee. Black patterns and text are printed on the surface of the carton, which is clearly visible.

Model: LLBPB003

Cardboard Metallic Paper Box For Party Light

This packaging uses gold and silver card special paper material, the surface is shining with metal light, a layer of UV oil is coated on the surface of the paper using UV transfer technology, and then the light beam film or special pattern is transferred to the printing paper through the roller.

The paper’s surface produces a beam of light with the effect of laser paper(holographic), which is beautiful and high-grade.

Model: LLBPB004

Corrugated Carton For Flying Saucer Light

Color printing corrugated lighting lamp packaging box, four-color offset printing on facial paper, refers to a process in which four colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (i.e., CMYK) inks are used to form new colors through dot printing. Glossy varnish oil.

The core paper is 120gsm corrugated paper, and the inner paper is kraft paper. The overall highlight is environmentally friendly, personalized, simple, beautiful, and generous visual effects.

Model: LLBPB005

Corrugated Folding Carton For Luminarium Terrarium

The raw material is made of wood pulp, does not contain fluorescent substances, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and can be 100% recycled.

Model: LLBPB006

Custom Box Matt Lamination For LED Bulb

The paperweights are 210gsm, 230gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, and 400gsm. The style is tuck end, easy to open and close, and can be folded and tiled.

Model: LLBPB007

Custom Boxes For Energetic Daylight

This kind of box is not only used as a light bulb packaging box. It is also widely used in digital product packaging, wine packaging, express parcel packaging, etc.

It has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, no deformation, good rigidity, strong cushioning performance, and recyclability.

Model: LLBPB008

Custom Cardboard Box For Wall Mounted Pool Light

The opening and closing of this cardboard box adopt the lock form, making the box better sealed. The bottom is self-locking, and the forming is simple.

Four-color offset printing on the surface, covered with bright film, the inner box is kraft paper color, environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

Model: LLBPB009

Custom Cardboard Retail Box For Aluminium UV Reflector Lamp

The custom color printing lamp packaging box uses three-layer offset printing corrugated paper material, which can bear a weight of less than 10kg.

The mounting paper with a black background and the four-color printing process, covered with matte film, make the whole box look more mysterious.

This packaging type can be used for packaging plastic products, glass products, teacups, lamps, and other retail products.

Model: LLBPB010

Custom Carton Box For LED Light

The surface is four-color CMYK offset printing, covered with a matte film, and uses rich colors to highlight the product’s functions so that consumers can understand the product more directly.

Model: LLBPB011

Custom Folding Box For Portable Flashlight

The black cardboard insert fit the portable flashlight snugly, which will add protective value to the product.

Model: LLBPB012

Custom Folding Carton Box For LED Lamp

Full-color printing outside, matte coating.

Model: LLBPB013

Custom Folding Carton For LED Lamp

This kind of folding carton design structure is easy to use, but the load-bearing capacity is weak. It is usually suitable for packaging small or light goods such as food, stationery, light lamps, toothpaste, etc. It is the most common packaging box design structure.

Four-color offset printing on the surface, as far as possible through visual communication elements, establishes an affinity with consumers. People can obtain psychological pleasure, and physical comfort is a new trend in modern packaging design.

Model: LLBPB014

Custom LED Bulb Packing Box

The reverse tuck end light bulb boxes are the most commonly used in all box types, which embodies the characteristics of “light, thin, and small,” extending toward visual functionality, emotionalization of the box, and humanization.

Model: LLBPB015

Custom Printed Box For High Power Lamp

Unlike most lamp packaging boxes, this box works with glossy film lamination and highlights the printing content to the customers.

Model: LLBPB016

Custom Printing Paper Box For LED C9 Light

This packaging uses three-layer offset-printed corrugated material. The surface paper is a gray-bottomed white paper, and the weight ranges from 250gsm to 400gsm. The corrugated flute has four types of A, B, E, and F. The inner paper is made of kraft paper, and the three layers are laminating together. The cardboard is strong and can bear 10 kg.

Four-color offset printing on the surface, the snowflake background creates a Christmas atmosphere, and the green background also highlights the Christmas theme. The surface is treated with matte film, which makes it feel good and more high-end.

The box-type has locks on the ends, and the opening is designed with a buckle, which can lock the carton well and prevent the carton from popping out accidentally during transportation.

Model: LLBPB017

Custom Retail Box For LED Bulbs

The surface of the bulb packaging box is covered with a matte film in four-color offset printing.

The imported large-scale machine is used. The text is clear, the color is bright, and the special healthy ink is bright in color, taking care of the details and increasing the picture quality.

Model: LLBPB018

Customized Folding Carton For LED Bulb

The advantage of this packaging is to keep the main display surface of the carton intact so that the design content can extend to the lid.

Model: LLBPB019

Die Cut Box For LED Bulb

The material is 350gsm white card, the surface is four-color offset printing, and the PVC window is attached to see the products inside. Advertising, promote sales. Conducive to environmental protection, strong printability.

Product use: daily necessities, handicrafts, small commodities, digital electronics, stationery, toys, and other product packaging.

Model: LLBPB020

Dimmable LED Natural Light

The thickness of the corrugated cardboard is usually 2 mm or 3 mm. Because the carton is flat and long, the box type adopts a plug-in lock to maintain a good seal.

The molding is simple and convenient, can be folded, and laid flat, saving space.

Model: LLBPB021

ECO Friendly LED Light Packaging Box

Color-printed paper card packaging box with hanging holes. The material of this paper box is a single-layer white card.

The weight is 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, etc. The white card used by our company is green and environmentally friendly, using high-quality paper certified by FSC.

Model: LLBPB022

ECO LED Light Packaging Box

The environmentally friendly and recyclable LED light packaging box is relatively cheap and suitable for the packaging of lightweight products.

Full-color offset printing, the four-color printing process, is based on the subtractive color mixing law, using the three primary colors of yellow, magenta, and cyan plus black ink for printing. The surface is too shiny, and the appearance is brighter, attracting consumers’ attention.

The top of the box is designed with hanging holes, which can be displayed on the supermarket’s display rack for easy access and promote sales.

Model: LLBPB023

Energy ECO LED Lighting Bulb Packaging Box

AN energy-saving LED light packaging box is a straight insert carton, referred to as S.T.E, by the international standard. This box type is the simplest in structure and the most used packaging.

The box body, box cover, and box bottom are all integrally formed, and the box cover is shaken down to cover the box mouth. Since the paper area it uses is basically rectangular or square, printing costs can be greatly saved.

Model: LLBPB024

Energy Saving LED Bulb Packaging Box

The paper is smooth and free of spots. The box can be folded and laid flat, which saves space and is easy to assemble. It is a common packaging method for retail products.

Model: LLBPB025

Folding Carton With Hanger For LED Lamp

Foldable hanging paper card packaging is commonly found on supermarket shelves, and the hanging hole design can promote sales.

The coated color box has many advantages, such as waterproof, anti-fouling, no color change, and increased gloss.

This kind of packaging paper box is used for electronic products. It is lightweight, small in size, affordable, and very beautiful.

Model: LLBPB026

FSL LED Light Packaging Box With Window

The LED light packaging box with sunroof allows consumers to directly see part of the product’s content through the window to “seeing is believing” to enhance consumer confidence.

Model: LLBPB027

Glossy Black Folding Carton For Party Light

Same as the pictured showed, the folding carton comes with true color printing through our Color Management System.

Model: LLBPB028

Glossy Coating Corrugated Box For Multi-Function Flashlight

We are committed to producing professional flashlight packaging boxes in the past years.

The indispensable important factors of exquisite packaging mainly include the exquisite color, the second is the exquisite design of the pattern, and the third is the exquisite production of the packaging.

All three are indispensable. Our products have vivid color differences, exquisite craft, and professional designers who can give you the best service.

Model: LLBPB029

High-Quality Folding Box With Hang Tab For LED Bulb

High-quality LED lights can hang the paper card box. This packaging uses 350 grams of white card material. The whole package is mainly black. It is high-end and mysterious. More than 80% of the information comes from vision.

The grasp and use of packaging colors can directly reflect the inner objects. With certain characteristics, this kind of product is likely to become the first choice of buyers.

The surface is covered with a dumb film, and the LOGO is partially UV treated, which is eye-catching and high-grade on the black surface. The box type is plug-in and plug-in. The bonding method has good sealing performance and is suitable for automatic machine production.

A hook hole is specially designed to be hung on the supermarket’s display rack, which is convenient for consumers to buy. Forming and opening are relatively simple, which is conducive to factory packaging and customer use.

Model: LLBPB030

High Quality LED Down Light Packaging Box

Full-color printed corrugated carton uses three-layer corrugated paper material, all white inside and outside, more like a gift box. The flip-top double insurance insert type makes the opening tighter and safer. The bottom adopts express lock bottom, which is easy to form and assemble.

This packaging aims to protect the product, convey product information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and increase the added value of the product. Suitable for electronic products, glass products, small toys, etc.

Model: LLBPB031

Small Printed Folding Carton For LED Light Bulb

Custom hollow LED paper card packaging. This paper box has a novel and unique design. The surface is printed with insect patterns. The body part is opened with a skylight, and the LED bulbs inside can be seen.

3 Three products form a complete insect pattern. This design brings consumers. The number of interest increases, and the window shape and the exposed part of the product are visually coordinated to increase the sense of freshness.

A white paperboard is used as the material, which is suitable for lightweight products. The LOGO hot stamping process is more advanced. The box-shaped upper and lower sockets are easy to assemble and open, and they can be folded and tiled to save storage space.

Model: LLBPB032

Tuck Top Carton Box For LED Lamp

Typical tuck top lock and snap bottom corrugated shipping box for LED lamp, strong to bear 25kgs.

Model: LLBPB033