Custom Lift-Off Lid Cardboard Box With Insert For CBD Gift Set

Focus Features:

  • 16pt cardstock made
  • Soft-touch coating
  • Embossing
  • Hot foil stamping


We made the box for Hemp Oil CBD, and it is a 16pt ivory board material.

It has two design artwork, one printing green color, the other printing dark blue color, surface treat with soft-touch lamination with small gold hot foil and LOGO embossing.

The embossed part is prominent; also, we made spot UV on the circle pattern. They look luxurious and fantastic.

Each box printed a 14-16pt insert to hold the product, and the package can be folded and assembled quickly without glue; it will be flat packing when shipping.

This style can save shipping costs and save storage space.

The box structure is a two-piece style, and this style can protect inside products very well. The top and bottom are all printed Pantone color outside, and the inside is white without printing.

The lid covers the whole bottom, and it ensures the sealing property of the box. The boxes display on the supermarket’s shelf, so the quality is outstanding.


The customer can also use the box for packing socks, underwear, and other lightweight products.

The insert dies by cutting three different shape holes, and it is folded into two layers. The surface is the same as the box, with soft-touch lamination, small gold hot foil, and LOGO embossing. We customize four slots inside the box wall so that the insert can hold inside the box.

The box size is 235 x 175 x 55 mm.