Custom Logo Printable Counter Display Gift Box

Focus Features:

  • Smart style counter display gift box for wine
  • Pull-up leather exterior, multiple colors
  • Custom logo printable or embossed
  • Magnetic closure and durable leather carry handle
  • Minim order qty: 500pcs
  • Custom service available


Custom Logo Printable Counter Display Gift Box, it’s a unique wine gift box. It features the smart structure that we can fold the lid and transform it into a counter display.

The main body of this gift box is made from 2mm thickness rigid paperboard. The paperboard is excellent die-cut and grooved to make this gift box in unique shape. Then we paste color pull-up leather on the surface, and the custom logo is pre-printed on the leather. There are four color options: orange + black, blue + yellow, green + pink, and pink +yellow.

One piece of cardboard is firmly glued in the middle of the inside box to divide the two bottles. And each compartment has a strap to fix the bottle. As a small gift, a corkscrew is attached in the box.

Custom service:

  1. Size of the box can be customized according to your required packing numbers and bottles dimension;
  2. The color and pattern of the leather are customizable. We have catalog contains multiple kinds of leather for you to choose from;
  3. A corkscrew can be removed or replaced by other wine accessories;
  4. If you have other unique ideas, please feel free to advise us. We will try our best to achieve it.