Forget About The Blank Stock Boxes,

Use The Custom Branded Packaging Boxes For Your Macarons

One of the most important reasons why macarons are becoming more popular and attractive is their colorful and beautiful appearance.
Before purchasing and tasting, consumers cannot make a decision among many similar macarons. So choosing a unique custom packaging box for your macarons is a bit important.
If there is a packaging supplier that can provide macarons packaging solutions for you to choose from, and the material of the carton is environmentally friendly and recyclable, would you find it helpful?
If your answer is “yes”, then please look down or click on the anchor text to take you directly to your destination.

  1. Folding Cartons For Macarons
  2. Rigid Gift Box For Macarons
Folding Cartons For Macarons

Brown Kraft Paper Box For Six Pieces Macarons

Macaron packaging box made of environmentally friendly materials. The material of this macaron box is 300gsm Kraft paper, and the material is environmentally friendly and recyclable. We can provide FSC certification issued by the Forest Management Committee.

The box type is a drawer box, which can be pulled open from both ends. The internal custom-made block lining can hold six macarons.

The colorful macarons match this eco-friendly Kraft color, giving people a very fresh feeling. Other colors or LOGO can be printed on the surface. If you want to save costs, you can only print sleeves and keep the bottom of the box white.

We can also customize printed cards, write a warm text, promote product information, and put them in a paper box to make consumers feel intimate.

A kraft paper bag is customized to be convenient for customers to carry. This product can be used not only for macarons but also for packaging moon cakes, pastries, and other foods.

The boxes can be flat-packed and formed manually, which can save space and volume and facilitate inventory.

Our minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces each, and the production lead time is ten days. For proofing, we can provide a die-cut template to you first. After the design is confirmed, we will complete the sample delivery within seven days.

Model: MPBF001

Cardboard Gift Box With Plastic Window For Macarons

This box uses 350gsm white card material, the box type is top&bottom style, and the lid covers the product thoroughly, which can protect the product well.

The interior of the carton has a custom-made block lining that can hold nine macarons. You can also customize four-packs, eight packs, and 12 packs. As long as you provide the size, we will provide a different solution.

The outside of the box is printed in orange, and the warm color can arouse appetite. It is a commonly used color for food packaging boxes.

An oval hole is die-cut in the center of the lid, and patch a PVC window with a customized logo. Consumers can see the macarons inside, increasing their desire to buy. The whole box is coated with a matte film, which makes it more upscale to the touch.

Model: MPBF002

Cardboard Kraft Drawer Box For Macarons

The packaging box shown in the picture is made of 300gsm food-grade Kraft paper so that the food can be in direct contact. Available in brown kraft paper and white kraft paper.

The box type is called the drawer box, the sleeve and drawer can be laid flat, and there is no insert divider inside the box.

To save printing costs, a custom printed sticker is attached to the lid of the box. The white paper box is matched with a kraft paper sticker, and the brown paper box is matched with a white label. The color matching effect is excellent, and it is easier for consumers to identify.

You can also choose to print on the box directly, but if the product is purely handmade, it is a trend to select a non-printed option, which makes the box looks more eco-friendly.

We placed custom color paper flowers and colored ribbons to tie the paper boxes. The ribbons are available in a variety of colors.

The packaging is simple and elegant, suitable for packaging food or other handmade products. For example, handmade soaps, handmade essential oils, etc.

Model: MPBF003

Custom Tuck End Folding Carton With Plastic Cushion For Macarons

The box is STE style (Straight Tuck End), which is the most affordable box type for Macaron packaging. Like the other box styles, the box contains a plastic vacuum-formed tray to hold six pieces Macarons.

Anywhere on the box can custom the printing, as long as you have a print-ready file, or our designer will help you to do so.

Model: MPBF004

Cardboard Macaron Box Personalized Logo Printing

The packaging box shown in the picture is made of 350gsm food-grade white card material, with a drawer box style that can be easily opened by customers.

The lid and drawer are foldable and can be packed flat. The box is designed in two sizes, one with twelve macarons and the other with six macarons. Both the lid and the drawer surface are printed with patterns.

This macaron box is designed in European style, with a European-style frame with a grid and a large LOGO printed in the middle.

The LOGO is printed on all four sides of the drawer part. When the customer opens it slowly, the LOGO gradually comes out. This effect is conducive to enhancing brand value and increasing customer experience. The interior is white, clean, and concise, and can directly contact food.

Model: MPBF005

Personalized Macaron Display Box

The box is a unique bottom style, and it is oblique that can display the macaron.

It is suitable to display and sell the macaron in the shop, work as a counter display. The box can be reused multiple times, once it‘s empty, refill the macarons.

The example box showed in the image is made from paperboard; we can also change the color to your artwork, as well as the oblique degree.

Model: MPBF006

Custom Printed Kraft Cardboard Drawer Box For Macarons

The box model made from two kinds of material, one is the Kraft paper, another one is bleached Kraft paper, they are eco-friendly and bio-grade.

As a folding carton, you will need to assemble the box when we deliver the boxes to you, but no need for tape, it can be assembled by its unique structure.

We can customize a variety of box sizes to meet your demand to pack different quantity of Macarons, as well as the outside printing.

Model: MPBF007

Custom Printed Paper Box For Twelve Pieces Macarons

The Macaron box made from 0.55mm thick paperboard, custom printing colors.

The boxes are standard drawer types, with several dividers. In the past, we sell seven color boxes, and they are white, light pink, deep pink, black, tiffany blue, white, and red color. We can apply the hot foil stamping on the box lid, with your brand texts, not only the product name.

Model: MPBF008

French Macaron Packaging Box Customizable

The French Macaron packaging box is an upgraded style from the blister box. As you can see, there is a paper sleeve and tray to hold the blister box. In the past, people prefer to buy stock packaging, without any branding, or apply a sticker on the blister.

With time passing by, the MOQ request becomes smaller and smaller, so everyone can afford a customized printed box. Compare to a sticker, the sleeve and tray cover the entire blister box, which is much more attractive to consumers.

If you are looking for an affordable but more fine-designed box, this type will be your source!

Model: MPBF009

Custom Branded Macaron Box With Plastic Sleeve

The display box shown in the picture is in the style of a drawer box. The feature is that the sleeve is not a paperboard material, but a transparent PVC material. So that the products inside can be seen, which is beneficial to increase the purchase probability of consumers. The logo and slogan are printed on the PVC sleeve to make the brand more eye-catching.

The drawer material is 2mm thick chipboard mounted with black cardboard, printed inside and outside with black color. The most significant feature of the inner lining is that optional three different colors.

Such a scheme adds color to the entire package, which is more suitable for macaron packaging than a single pure black. This is a gift box with four-packs and six-packs, and eight packs can be customized according to your needs.

Model: MPBF010

Rigid Gift Box For Macarons

Christmas Gift Packaging Box For Macarons

Christmas theme macaron packaging, the material is 2mm thick gray board mounted 157gsm art paper, and the surface is printed with Christmas design elements.

Different from the previous Christmas colors, this design uses alternative colors to give consumers a refreshing feeling.

The surface is covered with matte film, high-end luxury. This series of cartons are designed in 4 sizes to meet the different needs of customers, six-packs, 12 packs, 18 packs, and 36 packs.

The style of the box is a drawer box, and the interior is white without printing. The 18-pack and 36-pack cartons are designed with paper card blocks inside, which can prevent macarons from colliding with each other in the space and causing food damage. Another highlight of this paper box is the customized postcards, which can send handwritten greetings to those who want to give gifts, full of heart.

Model: MPBR001

Custom Cardboard Box With Lid For French Macarons

This gift box is white on the outside and pink on the inside, making it fresh and beautiful. The outer box material is a 2mm thick gray board, and the cardboard laminates with textured special paper, which is silky to the touch.

The LOGO is printing in pure black, which is very eye-catching on the milky white lid. The material of the inner box is 2 mm thick CCWB board mounted with 157 grams of coated paper, and the surface is printed in pink, which is full of girly and youthful feeling.

The internal block insert can be customized, and ten macaron slots can effectively prevent mutual collisions. The lid and bottom have a V groove design. When you close the lid, you will see the pink color of the interlayer, which is rich in design.

We also provide paper bags in various colors. The material is a special texture paper that matches the gift box. The handles are also light green nylon handles. The overall effect is elegant and unique. Customers will be happy to walk down the street carrying such art packaging.

Model: MPBR002

Custom Cardboard Drawer Box With Pull Out Tab For Six Pieces Macarons

When we design the box, the customer asks us to match their brand idea, which is elegant. Our designer picked the primary color from there brand and create the artwork. It looks like a leaf, and the color printing is CMYK, adding a gold foil stamping as a decoration.

The Box bottom contains a separate layer, which adds extra protection to the Macarons. When you need to slide the drawer, a white color pull-tab will help you a lot. If you need a punched hole instead, we can meet your demand!

Model: MPBR003

Custom Printed Macaron Box

Like the photos shown, the Macaron boxes made from faux leather, the core board is solid bleached cardboard. It looks high quality, gives the customers a luxury brand feel.

We don’t do any printing on the leather but use a gold color string to connect the leather with the cardboard. Moreover, adding a gold foil stamping on the center top to give a color-match to the string.

The box used to pack six-pieces Macarons, a transparent PVC blister tray to hold them.

Model: MPBR004

Light Pink Color Gift Pack For Six Pieces Macarons

The macaron box is a lift-off lid type, made from solid bleached cardboard, and coated with printed paper.

By laminating with a matte film, the box looks better than uncoated paper. The lid does not fully cover the bottom part, and it allows everyone to open the box easier. Actually, by half-covering, or a punched finger hole will let everyone more comfortable opening as well, it’s up to you.

Model: MPBR005

Matte Black Printed Macaron Packaging Box

The matte black macaron box is CMYK printing, and the box contains a separate lid. Since the customer already purchased the insert, so we only provided the outer gift box.

Made from 2mm thick cardboard, the box is substantial when you realized that it’s just a light-weight Macaron packaging. A good packaging adds value to the product, and you can achieve the goal by using the rigid cardboard box.

The Macaron image on the box is spot UV varnished, so the photo is shiny there.

Model: MPBR006

Pink Color Telescopic Gift Box For Sixteen Pieces Macaron

The rectangle box style looks like an artisan work, and the straight edge makes the box looks better.

The gold foil stamping frame box, it’s a job that we spend much time to align and test. If the frame box is not aligned, it looks like low-quality packaging, remove it.

The sixteen slots for the macaron is customized for the customer, and we can also custom made for your product accordingly.

Model: MPBR007