Custom Novelty Toy Christmas Gift Rigid Box

Focus Features:

  • Round PVC window patching
  • Attached lid by a hinged neck
  • PMS color printing
  • Interior printing
Let’s Customize It Now!


The box used for the Children’s Christmas Product, Novelty Toy, is 3- piece telescope box with a neck shoulder. It is including the top lid, bottom base, and an inner piece neck. The inner neck is glued together to the base piece, outside wrapped with silver paper. This looks beautiful.

The Custom Novelty Toy Christmas Gift Rigid Box outside and inside all printed custom patterns, the surface is matte lamination. The box body dies by cutting a round window, gluing the transparent PVC between the base and inner neck, and seeing the toy through the window.


The packaging uses strong material, and high-quality finish, 3mm thickness greyboard with 157gsm art paper, the 3 piece telescope box structure is strong and durable, contain the required safety standard logos, warnings, age range, etc. for EU, UK, and US Markets, barcode, and all required safety standard codes.

We customized the sticker used for sealing between the lid and bottom. When customers put the product inside the box, then they can glue the sticker. The box size is Length 185mm, Width 120mm, Height 285mm. We can customize it to your size.

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