Custom Novelty Toy Christmas Gift Rigid Box

Focus Features:

  • Round PVC window patching
  • Attached lid by a hinged neck
  • PMS color printing
  • Interior printing


The Custom Novelty Toy Christmas Gift Rigid Box sounds like a great packaging option for children’s Christmas products. The 3-piece telescope box with a neck shoulder provides a unique and attractive design, while the silver paper wrapping and custom printed patterns make it eye-catching.

It’s good to know that the packaging uses strong and durable materials, including 3mm thickness greyboard and 157gsm art paper. The inclusion of safety standard logos, warnings, and age range is important for meeting market regulations and ensuring the safety of the product.

Customizing the sticker used for sealing between the lid and bottom is a thoughtful touch that adds to the overall experience of the packaging. The ability to customize the box size is also a great option for businesses with unique product sizes.

Overall, the Custom Novelty Toy Christmas Gift Rigid Box seems like a reliable and attractive packaging option for businesses looking to package their children’s Christmas products.