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Other paper bags including paper mailer bag, paper file bag, and paper padded bag. They have their own functions and shapes distinguish from other paper bag kinds. The paper material always is kraft paper, with high quality (High GSM).

Paper File Bag

Paper file bag means the bag used for mail sent, also called paper portfolio. Widely used in school, government, office or even army. Box packing solution team have applied acid-free paper for high quality needed customers. Also imported kraft paper for medium quality needed customers, then kraft paper made in China for common customers. The difference between those three materials is the durable standard and the thickness of the paper.

Paper file bag layout

Paper file bag layout

Simple file bag with top string closure also called document bag

Paper file bag and envelopes


We can customize the envelopes with international standard size.

Paper file bag includes 2 parts, one is the bag body and another is the closure system. By the world design changes, file bag closure system include a string and closure base. When you already put your files in, rotate the string around the base, then the flap of the bag close stay with the body.

Where To Buy And How Can I Buy Paper File Bag?

In China there are too many factories producing the paper file bag, however, it’s not every factory have the ability to get the acid-free paper or imported paper, so they are only able to produce common quality file bag. Box packing solution team could offer A-B-C grade file bag to you. Just write us an email, let us know the color you needed and the quantity, one of our professional sales will approach you shortly.

The advantage of box packing solution team’s paper file bag

strong point of paper file bag

Strong base, to ensure the string not pulling the base out, and make the portfolio strong.

advantage of our paper file bag

Rigid kraft paper stock, no matter it’s China kraft paper, imported paper or acid-free paper, we only supply quality premium paper for you. Then the corner is very straight after several times’ using.

advantage of our paper file bags

3M industry glue to stick the bottom of the bag, ensure your bag never being split out by file paperweight from 1kg to 5kg.

Paper padded bag

Paper padded bag also called bubble mailer, always being used to pack some small items need to avoid damage and mail out. Before padded bag comes out, people always fill some foam inside and protect it. However, this will request people have enough padded material, and that is not good looking, at this moment padded bag get born. The material includes one layer of kraft paper, maybe printed kraft paper, inside laminated with one layer of a plastic air bubble. If you need the paper padded bag self-seal, one sticker needs to be put on the seal flap in advance for using, it’s one part of packaging materials for our customers.

paper padded bags

Self-seal paper padded bag, bubble mailer, multiple colors.

paper mailer bags

Several applications of the paper padded bag/bubble mailer.

The package application has socks packaging, CD packaging, printed magazine packaging, sample packaging, underwear packaging, camera packaging, perfume bottle packaging, cosmetic packaging or even gift packaging.

How to distinguish the bad and well-padded bag?

  1. Good bubble mailer inside bubble never split out from the outside
  2. A well-padded bag will be several using, but quality still good.
  3. Bag bubble mailer self-seal system not able to be recycled used.
  4. Printing real or not?
  5. Is bubble inside full air or less air? (it’s important to protect inside items).

Box packing solution team, with several years’ experience in manufacturing the paper padded bag/bubble mailers. We will be standing in your position if you send your inquiry and requirements on them!