Custom POWER CABLES Textured Rigid Black Box

Focus Features:

  • Velvet liner full over the box
  • Screen-printed logo
  • V shape cut edge
  • Vertical line style textured paper, matte black


The custom power cables textured rigid black box is a top and bottom lift-off style box with a luxurious feel. The box’s surface is textured with black vertical lines, and a silver logo is screened on the top. The box’s interior is lined with a soft velvet-like material, which adds to the luxurious feel of the box. The box is made to hold power cables, so it requires a reinforced structure. We use 3mm thickness chipboard for material and strengthening the box corner to ensure that it can hold the weight of the product without tearing during shipping.

The box kit has four different sizes, and the smaller box can be placed inside the bigger box when clients order two or more sizes of the box, which saves shipping costs for delivery. We can customize the size of the box according to your requirements, and if you send us the product specifications, we can provide the best packing solution for your box.

The custom power cables textured rigid black box is a solid box that protects the product during shipping. We received complaints from customers about strong odor smells coming from the boxes, and to solve the problem, we added an activated carbon package to each box to effectively absorb the odor. After this improvement, we received approval from our customer who said, ‘‘I spoke with everyone here, and so far, our boxes have made it internationally without breaking the sides!’’

The box can have different types of inserts, including EVA foam inserts, plastic vac inserts, fabric inserts, silk cloth inserts, and other material inserts. The EVA foam insert is a viral insert, and the main colors are white and black. We can die-cut the insert according to your product shape. The plastic vac inserts have a big minimum order quantity since we need to make a mold to fit the product very well, and the material is not environment-friendly. Fabric inserts and silk cloth inserts are mostly used for jewelry and luxury products and can be displayed on store shelves.

The box’s packaging uses a five-layer corrugated paper carton and is packed on pallets wrapped in film to ensure that the packaging is without defect or omission when received. In summary, the custom power cables textured rigid black box is a luxurious and durable solution for packing power cables. The box’s structure ensures that it can hold the weight of the product, and we offer various options for customizing the box’s inserts to fit your product’s requirements.