Custom Printed Cardboard Cylinder Box for Pen

Focus Features:

  • Black printing with white pen body outline
  • Inside brown color, can be changed to white or poly-foil lamination.
  • The removable cap can be opened quickly but not dropped naturally.
  • Recycled cardboard material, no harmful to the environment.

Save Packaging Costs

If your products are regular and don’t require over-packaging to add value, it would be wise to consider a cost-effective packaging style. This will help you save on packaging costs and make your products more competitive. For instance, our custom printed cardboard cylinder box for pens is a simple and affordable packaging option. It consists of a cardboard tube that is printed and fitted with a pen, resulting in a finished product. With low unit prices and a fast lead time, this is an excellent choice for cost-conscious customers. If you’re interested in this product, please contact us for a quote.

Optional Printing Styles

If you want to make the tube more eye-catching while keeping the cylindrical style, then we can explore different printing options. Our recommendation would be to use offset printing with high-gloss UV coating for the logo, and a matte finish for other areas of the tube.

Regarding the packaging of bulk production tubes, we pack them in master carton boxes that can also be customized with your printing.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and to get an instant quote.