Custom Printed Christmas Gift Packaging Box With Detachable Lid

Focus Features:

  • Full-over red color printing on the box inside and outside
  • Gold foil stamping
  • A detachable box lid
  • Greyboard made
  • Recyclable materials


This is a custom printed Christmas gift packaging box with a detachable lid. It is made from 1200gsm gray board mounted on 157gsm red special paper, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable. This box can bear products weighing up to 10kg. The surface of the carton is printed in red with Christmas tree designs and English LOGO, and the bronzing adds a high-end luxury touch.

The entire interior of the box is printed in red, with vertical cut corners and exquisite edging. The matte film on the surface enhances its high-end look. The lid and bottom of the box are surrounded by Christmas trees, creating a festive atmosphere. This is a top and bottom box type, with the lid height accounting for a quarter of the overall height of the carton, making it convenient for customers to open. Various sizes can be customized to meet the needs of different consumers.

The outer packaging uses a five-layer reinforced corrugated kraft paper box, which is palletized and wrapped in film to ensure the product’s safety during transportation. The minimum quantity for this product is 500, and before making samples, we can provide 3D renderings. The sample production time is seven days.

Once the sample is confirmed, batch production will take 12 days. If you need to expedite production, please consult with us in advance so that we can arrange a production plan that meets your requirements.