Custom Printed Counter Displays For Shoe

Focus Features:

  • Nine dividers, flexible in size to fit different shoe sizes.
  • White interior, add a luxury feel to the box.
  • Custom printing on the box outside can be adjusted to shoe color.
  • Countertop display style, place well on the desk and shop.
  • Glossy lamination, be shiny under sunshine and light.
  • Sustainable material and non-harmful printing.

Simple Design Do Not Mean Low Quality

This custom printed counter displays for shoe seems simple in structure and printing- Only three components, and two primary colors. The three components are the box tray, dividers, and box body. The two colors are white and green. It seems simple, but not simple in use. This box can place nine single shoes together to display them to your customers. Without any cardboard collapsed. The reason is high-quality cardboard.

Box body made from three layers printed corrugated cardboard, 250gsm/170gsm/170gsm, B flute. The box insert made from three layers also, 140gsm/170gsm/140gsm, E flute. The tray material is the same as the box body. Such cardboard materials make the box very strong to hold heavy items.

The counter display box is simple but indicates a lot. With the big color difference in white and green, the printing gives an eye-catching effect. A logo is easy to be identified, right?

Forest Standard Certification of The Boxes

For some European customers, they may need cardboard material certification. Such as FSC, TUV, and ISO, which are prepared by us, we would make you feel a peaceful mind to do business while working with Shanghai BPS. Yes, this custom printed counter displays for shoes is being approved by such certifications.

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