Custom Printed Crayon Cardboard Cylinder

Focus Features:

  • Flexographic printed, cheap, but still impressive.
  • Tight-fitting of caps and bottom.
  • No limit in tube length, diameter no longer than 50cm.
  • Size can be customized to fit different quantities of crayons.
  • They packed into carton, no damage while shipping.
Let’s Customize It Now!
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Because paper is the primary raw material of cardboard cylinder, it is easy to recycle and treat; it has excellent protection performance, waterproof and moisture-proof, and has specific heat insulation effect; it is odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging; it can be filled with various shapes of goods.

It has low noise during filling; it can withstand positive pressure and negative pressure, and can be used for vacuum or nitrogen filling packaging; various shapes and shapes, the outer layer can be color-printed, with good display effect; lightweight, only 30% of iron cans, circulation Easy, easy to use, and low price.

The Applications of Cardboard Cylinder

Chemical fiber industrial pipe: DTY pipe, POY pipe, FDY pipe, nylon pipe, spandex pipe, spandex covered yarn tube.

Film industrial tube: BOPP, PET, PVC, BOPA, CPP, agricultural mulch film, plastic wrap, wrapping film, plastic bag tube (for supermarket), aluminized film, electrical capacitor film, propylene film

Tubes for the printing industry: mainly used in drum printing, film printing, paper printing

Tubes for the paper industry: newsprint, bobbin paper, whiteboard paper, fax paper, bill paper, tipping paper, aluminum poise paper, writing paper, color parchment paper, cup paper, Tetra Pak, other

Metallurgical industry pipes: aluminum, steel, iron, and other coils

Packaging tube: medical equipment, paintings, food cans and another outer packaging (this is custom printed crayon cardboard cylinder does)

Temperature measuring paper tube: molten steel temperature measurement disposable thermocouple

Paper tube for sampler: paper tube for paper machine, paper tube, the bridge for building construction.

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