Custom Printed Crayon Cardboard Cylinder

Focus Features:

  1. Flexographic printed, cheap but still impressive.
  2. Tight fitting of caps and bottom.
  3. No limit in tube length, diameter no longer than 50cm.
  4. Size can be customized to fit different quantities of crayon
  5. Packed into carton, no damage while shipping.

Because paper is the main raw material of cardboard cylinder, it is easy to recycle and treat; it has excellent protection performance, waterproof and moisture proof, and has certain heat insulation effect; it is odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging; it can be filled with various shapes of goods. It has low noise during filling; it can withstand positive pressure and negative pressure, and can be used for vacuum or nitrogen filling packaging; various shapes and shapes, the outer layer can be color-printed, with good display effect; lightweight, only 30% of iron cans, circulation Easy, easy to use, and low price.

The Applications of Cardboard Cylinder

Chemical fiber industrial pipe: DTY pipe, POY pipe, FDY pipe, nylon pipe, spandex pipe, spandex covered yarn tube.
Film industrial tube: BOPP, PET, PVC, BOPA, CPP, agricultural mulch film, plastic wrap, wrapping film, plastic bag tube (for supermarket), aluminized film, electrical capacitor film, propylene film
Tubes for the printing industry: mainly used in drum printing, film printing, paper printing
Tubes for the paper industry: newsprint, bobbin paper, whiteboard paper, fax paper, bill paper, tipping paper, aluminum poise paper, writing paper, color parchment paper, cup paper, Tetra Pak, other
Metallurgical industry pipes: aluminum, steel, iron, and other coils
Packaging tube: medical equipment, paintings, food cans and another outer packaging (this is custom printed crayon cardboard cylinder does)
Temperature measuring paper tube: molten steel temperature measurement disposable thermocouple
Paper tube for sampler: paper tube for paper machine, paper tube, the bridge for building construction.


Max Printing Scale for Custom Cardboard Tubes Cylinders

122*162cm (Over than this size, will joint pieces together for a bigger printing)
Paperboard Material (Learn More)E flute, F flute, B flute, A flute, BE flute, AB flute, EF flute, ABB flute, BEF flute and so on
Printing (Learn More)Offset Printing Full color (CMYK), and max to 4 PMS additional color. (Optional be Pinted on inside & ouside)

Printing Finish for Custom Cardboard Tubes Cylinders

①Gloss Varnish (suggest for Custom Printed Crayon Cardboard Cylinder) ② Matt Varnish ③Gloss Lamination ④Matt Lamination + Spot UV ⑤ Matt Varnish + Spot UV ⑥ Matt Lamination + Foil Stamping ⑦ Soft-Touch Film ⑧Embossing & Debossing
Special ProcessPerforation Line, Adhesive Glue secure, Shrink Wrap, Wax, Clear Window Patching
Packing (Learn More) Carton, Kraft Paper Wrapping, Corrugated Cardboard, Pallet, Wrapping Film
Proof2D *psd and *Ai Proof
3D Mockup
Digital Printed Sample
Bulk Machine Printed Sample
ShippingFlat in Shipping, Flexible in Different Shipping Options. Featured as Delivery to Door Service (DDU terms)
Production Lead Time7 – 10 business days
Optional *Top urgent order service, contact with us for more details.
QuantityMOQ 500 pieces to start or big size with small MOQ.

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