Custom Printed Cube Shape Christmas Season Gift Box

Focus Features:

  • Nylon handle style
  • Partial covering lid
  • Christmas theme color printing
  • Thick duplex board coated with printed color paper
  • Sustainable material made


Custom Printed Cube Shape Christmas Season Gift Box, the whole carton is made in the style of box with lift-off lid, and the shallow lid is more convenient for customers to open. This carton material uses a 2mm gray board as the core cardboard, and high-grade coated paper is mounted on the outside.

The inner paper is printed in brown to match the color of the outer box to enhance the overall product effect. The cover is printed in black, and the Christmas color elements fall from above. The lace is printed around the square box, which is accurate in color registration and high-end luxury. The bottom of the box is made of palace red, noble and luxurious, and a nylon rope handle is added to facilitate the carrying of customers.

The golden color improves the overall luxury quality of the carton. This gift box is used to wrap Christmas gifts, suitable for giving gifts to each other. Our company can provide a free die-cut template for customers to design, and can also provide 3D renderings.

After the design is confirmed, our sample production time is seven days, and the mass production time is 10 to 15 days. The outer packaging adopts a five-layer reinforced corrugated carton and provides door-to-door service.

The minimum amount is 500. Every year, our company produces many Christmas gift box packages, which are exported to the United States, Europe, and other countries with quality assurance.