Custom Printed Folding Carton For Christmas Gift

Focus Features:

  • A box sold with a bag
  • Custom printed
  • Folding paper made, which can be press into flat while shipping
  • Sustainable cardboard material
  • Eco-friendly printing ink pigment


Custom Printed Folding Carton For Christmas Gift, this kind of packaging material is 350gsm white virgin paper, and each set contains a paper bag and box. The whole carton adopts lift-off lid box type, the upper and lower covers can be folded and tiled, and the product is assembled manually when packaging.

The characteristics of this type of carton are that it can not only meet the visual effects of gift boxes but also can be folded and tiled to save storage space. The price is also affordable, and it is the best choice for lightweight products such as toys, flowers, children’s clothing, and daily necessities.

Four-color offset printing on the surface, covered with matte film, cartoon pattern is lovely and charming, occupying the entire lid. The red and blue designs have a strong festive atmosphere, and the inside of the box is pure and flawless. The paper bag also chooses 350gsm C2S paper as the material, the printed pattern is the same as the carton, and the multi-strand nylon rope handle is convenient for customers to carry.

Our company can provide a die-cut template for customers to design for free, and also provide 3D renderings to understand the shape of the carton in advance. Proofing time only needs five days, and mass production time can be completed in 7 days.

Starting from a quantity of 500 designs, the outer packaging uses five-layer corrugated kraft paper boxes to ensure that the products are delivered to customers in good condition.