Custom Printed Glossy Chocolate Packaging Bags

Focus Features:

  • Offset CMYK printing, two long sides, two narrow sides, and bottom.
  • Glossy film lamination, anti-moisture, and keep the color fresh.
  • Cotton handle installed on the bag, hold many kilos chocolate.
  • Flat in shipping, packed into a solid master carton.
  • Not final packaging for chocolate, can’t touch food directly.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Background of The Chocolate Packaging Bags

This chocolate packaging bag is made for FERRERO Australia, to pack chocolate branded as Kinder. The bag made from thick white paperboard inside coated also. Outside of bag is glossily laminated, keep the printing content fresh, and moisture-resistant. The bottom is just a standard bag does, pre-glued and foldable. In recent years, more and more packaging manufacturers replace plastic/nylon bag handles to cotton handle; the reason is a more eco-friendly and soft touch. We keep a good relationship with the company, will develop more chocolate replated packagings, hopefully, corrugated displays.

What More We Can Offer For Chocolate Manufacturers

Except for custom printed paper bags, we offer a chocolate box for retail sales and bulk sales. There are some features rigid chocolate boxes listed on our brochure page, and please go to check.

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