Meet With Custom Paper Box

As one of leading custom paper box manufacturers, Shanghai Box Packing Solution team offer different kinds of custom paper boxes customized on paper box material, paper box printing, paper box printing finish, paper box styles, and paper box packing. 

The paper box widely applied in cosmetic box packaging, soapbox packaging, perfume box packaging, cake box packaging, pizza box packaging, food box packaging, take away box packaging, medical and pharmacy box packaging, software box packaging and small gift packaging. 

Moreover, some customer calls them custom printed boxes, custom packaging boxes, and custom paper boxes.

Find Videos of Custom Paper Box & Folding Carton

In order to let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in custom paper boxes & folding boxes, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of custom corrugated boxes & cartons. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material and detailed information. If You like, just give a “like” or comment.

Popular Paper Boxes Styles

As we described in the box style shapes article, we have nine main kinds, range from auto lock bottom paper box, drawer paper box, folding paper box, gable top paper box, paper box with hang tab, paper pillow box, snap lock bottom paper box, top and bottom telescope shape paper box to tuck-end paper box. For a different kind of packaging purpose, Box Packing Solution team will help you to customize the box if you have no idea. With us, we will strongly recommend you use straight tuck-end paper box style, tuck top auto bottom box style, and tuck top snap bottom box style, telescope shape paper box style. As they are most suitable for cosmetic product packaging and general products packaging, simple and elegant looks. 

Black and White Color Telescope Paper Boxes

black and white colour telescope paper boxes

Top and bottom structure, printing can be customized with your brand

Color Paper Boxes with Hang Tab For Cupcake

color paper box with hang tab for cupcake

Enable the box being hang up on the shelf, custom printed boxes.

Auto Lock Bottom Medical Bandage Paper Box

medical bandage paper box with auto lock bottom

No need to glue or tape the bottom, very convenient for packing process.

Decorated Specialty Texture Paper Pillow Boxes

specialty texture paper pillow boxes

A gold string closure, decorative butterfly.

Rigid Paper Drawer Boxes Slipcase Gift Boxes

rigid paper drawer boxes slipcase gift boxes,custom printed boxes

Slide box and inside could be printed also.

Virgin Paper Board Material Folding Paper Box

virgin paper board material folding paper box

Make the box far more rigid than other box shapes.

Gable Top Cake Packaging Paper Box

gable top cake paper box

Paper box carrier, the bottom can be auto locked and snap locked.

STE Paper Box For Skin Care Products

STE paper box for skin care products,custom packaging boxes

Elegant looks box shape, always being packed with cosmetic products.

RTE Paper Boxes For Led Lighting

RTE paper box for led light

Another tuck end box style paper boxes, custom paper box packaging.

Tuck Top Snap Bottom Paper Box

tuck top snap bottom paper box,custom paper boxes

It’s only 3 step to close the bottom.

Printing And Printing Finish On The Paper Boxes

As a customized paper box, selecting a special printing finish on the paper box is important. Embossing adds your box with Stereo feeling, gold foil stamping on the logo makes your box package more impressive, silver stamping make the box luxury and high quality looking, matt lamination or soft touch film lamination gives your box a heavy history feeling, and glossy lamination or glossy AQ coating will promote your brand and slogan!

Black Oblique Texture Printed Paper Box

black oblique texture printed paper box

Reverse tuck end box style, Spot UV varnish, and silver printing.

Paper Printed Boxes With AQ Coating Finish

Paper printed box with AQ coating

Full-size silver printing, black text printing. Made for 师夷家.

Paper Packaging Boxes For Skincare Mask

skincare mask paper packaging box,paper box manufacturers

Shiny box body, plastic lamination, water resistant.

Nutrition Medical Bottle Paper Box with Matt Finish

nutrition medical bottle paper box with matt finish

RTE box style, 300gsm white virgin paper.

Perfume Packaging Box with Silver Stamping

perfume packaging box silver stamping

Outside matt lamination, inside full over spot UV varnish.

Silver Stamping Perfume Packaging Paper Box

silver stamping with glossy lamination perfume packaging paper box,paper box suppliers

Debossed text, matt black specialty paper material.

Paper Packaging Box for Mascara Products

mascara paper packaging box

With a slide drawer inside of the box

Spot UV Varnish Golden Metallic Printed Box

spot UV varnish golden metallic printed paper box for nutrition supply

White UV varnish, black UV varnish, STE box style. Made for Qunol supplement.

Offset Printed Eyelash Product Packaging Box

offset printed eyelash paper box

CMYK + PMS colour, long box body.

Specialty Silver Metallic Printed Pillow Box

specialty silver metallic paper printed pillow box

Silver printing all over the box, the red area is spot UV.

Silver Printed Telescope Shape Paper Box

silver telescope paper box

Silver specialty paper and matt black specialty paper material.

Specialty Paper Coated Made Box Packaging

red specialty paper coated with black specialty paper box packaging

Book shape box, outside spot UV, inside gold foil stamping.

Animated GIFs For The Customized Paperboard Box

Want to see some customized paperboard box GIFs instead of checking pictures? then we are here, please check Gifs. If you want to see more custom paper packagings model, click here to browse.

Animated Custom Paperboard box GIFs
Animated Custom Paperboard box GIFs

Customized Paper Boxes | custom paper boxes | personalized paper boxes

As one of the custom paper box manufacturers and paper box suppliers, except the paper boxes shape and paper box printing, moreover, box packing solution team would have customized paper box idea to make the paper box more impressive, from the closure style, clear window, and die-cutting. We are professional paper box manufacturer in China, any kind of your design & procedure request would be satisfied soon. The reason is that we have advanced printing machine and structure design software, with our hard-working designer, your package are Ever-changing.

Notice: The entire pictures showed in this article are only for an ideal response to the topic, we can help you customize them in every small detail.

Paper Gift Box with Ribbon Closure

paper gift box with ribbon closure

350gsm white virgin paperboard, hinged lid closure.

Silver Stamping Paper Packaging with PVC Window

Silver stamping paper packaging box with PVC window

Silver metallic paper material, black printed logo.

Slide Paper Boxes with Clear Window

slide paper box with clear window

Box with separate slipcase, to pack men’s underwear.

Ivory Paper Cardboard Dispenser Boxes

Ivory cardboard made dispenser boxes

A kind of feed box style, enable to open from box front.

One Piece Folding Box For Bakery

one piece folding box for bakery

Spot plastic window, actually it’s a full plastic sheet under the cut cardboard.

Bakery Carrier Boxes with Ribbon Handle

Bakery Carrier Boxes with Ribbon Handle

250gsm virgin paper is the material for this box.

Special Shape Bakery Cake Box Packaging

special shape bakery cake box

One piece paper to set up this box.

Decorated Paper Mailer Folder

decorated paper mailer folder

For gifting and writing, customized size and printing work.

Kraft Paper Boxes

Even most paper boxes apply offset printing on virgin paperboard, but there still some nice kraft paper box in the market. The kraft paper seems eco-friendly, we are FSC certificated manufacturer, also recommend our customer to use kraft paper box. they are two kinds: brown kraft paper boxes and white coated kraft paper boxes. The white-coated kraft paper is one kind of coated paper, rigid than normal white kraft paper, same as brown kraft paper.

Brown Kraft Flexo Printed Paper Box

brown kraft paper box

Imported dark brown Kraft paper, more rigid than normal Kraft.

Brown Kraft Paper Stock Boxes

brown kraft paper stock box

Straight tuck end box style, Kraft packaging box, black printing.

White Kraft Candy and Bakery Packaging

white kraft paper candy and bakery packaging

Four flap closure, white virgin paper material.

White Kraft Auto Bottom Box with Window

auto bottom white kraft box with window

Sidecut window, natural white.

Specialty Paper Boxes

Specialty paper we here refer to metallic paper and special texture paper. as you can see some cosmetic packaging box are golden colour or silver colour, the paper material original colors, not being printed. Some nice paper box with texture itself, attract a lot of eyes. Box packing solution can customize the specialty paper box for you, just after you let us know the texture or colour, we would get the right paper from our warehouse or source it in the worldwide market.

Golden Metallic Cosmetic Packaging Box

golden metallic cosmetic packaging box

2 color printed, glossy plastic film lamination.

Silver Metallic Paper Box for Face Cream

silver metallic paper box for face cream

Spot UV finish, tuck top box style.

Matt Specialty Paper Box with Dividers

matt specialty paper box

Golden foil stamping, special color material.

Laser Paper Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

laser paper cosmetic boxes

Bring customer a good impression, silver lamination.

Paper Box Inserts

Different from rigid cardboard gift boxes, the paper box has a thinner material, so it is not elegant and suitable to use foam inserts, always be cardboard inserts or plastic blister inserts. When you buy a perfume, I’m very sure you will see the nice cardboard insert fit inside to protect the perfume bottle. When you buy earplugs, you will find a clear blister insert inside. Always, those packaging are with clear window, in order to let the customer see products inside package directly. It is easy to plug out the insert for STE, RTE, tuck top snap bottom paper boxes, other kinds boxes, such as telescope shape paper boxes, gable top paper boxes and folding paper boxes, are hard to slip the insert out as the structure determined, so you need to decide before you select the box structure.

Perfume Packaging with Cardboard Insert

perfume packaging box with cardboard insert

Enable the perfume bottle to stay in their position, avoid damage.

Shaver Box with Printed Cardboard Insert

paper box for shaver with printed cardboard insert

The box structure is very solid, reverse tuck end box style.

Box with Plastic Window and Paper Inserts

double side offset printed paper box with plastic window and paper inserts

Double side offset printed packaging for phone cases.

Paper Packaging Box with Plastic Blister Insert

Bluetooth earphone device packaging box with plastic blister insert

Offset printed paper boxes with Bluetooth earphone devices.

Paper Box die-line template and artwork design

Custom small packaging box retail box

Custom small packaging box retail box

shelf ready packaging box die-line template

shelf ready packaging box die-line template

candy box template

candy box template

candy box design

candy box design

Customized Paperboard box Mock-up Service

Based on acknowledging of design on customized paperboard boxes, we are able to set-up a Mock-up design for you before sample process or bulk order production. We create by Adobe software, can create multiple points of view.

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 1

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 1

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 3

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 3

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 5

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 5

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 4

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 4

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 2

custom printed cardboard boxes Mock-up 2

custom paper boxes 1

custom paper boxes 1

custom cardboard boxes in China

custom cardboard boxes in China

custom paper boxes

custom paper boxes

custom paper boxes 4

custom paper boxes 4

custom paper box

paperboard boxes mockup

custom paper boxes

Customized paperboard boxes mockup design service

custom paper box manufacturers

cardboard box mockup from cardboard box manufacturers 4

custom paper box packaging

cardboard box mockup from cardboard box manufacturers 3

customized paper box packaging supplier

cardboard box mockup from cardboard box manufacturers 2

customized paperboard boxes manufacturer

cardboard box mockup from cardboard box manufacturers 1

custom paperboard boxes to Australia

cardboard box mockup from cardboard box manufacturers

Paper Boxes Production Process

As a single layer paper, it is simple producing steps of paper box comparing with printed corrugated box.
1. Arrange the printing mold, and sort out how many pieces of the paper box in one mold template.
2. Printing on the machine, flexo or offset printing.
3. On printing finish machine.
4. Cutting and packing
5. Order finished.

Details about paper boxes order

If you are willing to place a paper box order with us, the below content you need to read, to get a higher efficiency and better understanding.
1. Send us the paper box design work, or create by our designer
2. We communicate with you regarding the printing finish and packing
3. Do you have your own shipper or need our shipping service?
It’s better to communicate with Box Packing Solution team for more details and confirmation before you place the order, we promise any your question would be professionally answered.

Some applications of the customized paper boxes

1. High-quality custom hair extension packaging

2. Personalized packaging sleeves, Box sleeve sticker- Enhance your brand with low costs

3. Tea bag packaging box

4. Cookie packaging boxes | packaging for cookies | cookie packaging

5. cake boxes photo album

6. Health product packing paper boxes

7. Some popular paper boxes