Custom Printed Paperboard Nutrition Packaging Drawer Box

Focus Features:

  • Based on 350gsm Folding paperboard, white original color.
  • Full-color printing overall, with the logo centered on top.
  • The whole box is foldable
  • Perfect box template makes it easy to assemble
  • Recycled material
  • Water-proof lamination

Make The Packaging Box Easy To Use

Packaging boxes are responsible for promotion, but basically, it’s for packing. So our designers spare no effort to make a perfect die-line template for different box styles and modify it with time by time. This custom printed paperboard nutrition packaging drawer box is a good example. From 2 pieces plat paperboard, you only need to take 30 seconds to assemble up. Each corner is straight, and without loose material, it owns to the cutting template during production. We always think in advance for customers and stand in their position. We test multiple times until the structure works well before sending out samples or bulk shipping.

This box, just folds four times on the bottom and shape the top, then finished assembling.

Competitive Price On Custom Folding Paperboard Box

Shanghai BPS owns a full automatic paperboard box machine, and it’s fast speed cutting and glue. If the order quantity over 20,000 pieces, we can deliver the box within two days after printing. With the help of color management on the printing machine, we can ensure 98% color reality to design work or color chart. Did you notice the picture Orange color is very well printed? This color response to its product- Nutrition products. Our price is competitive and outstanding quality works.

If you feel interested in, contact us for more details and let’s work on your custom printed paperboard boxes.