Custom Printed Round Corrugated Display Stands

Focus Features:

  • Round shape, is divided into four sections.
  • Custom shape AD header, double side printed cardboard.
  • Reinforced cardboard corner of each shelf, protect them from damage.
  • The whole floor display consists of six parts, and each section can be with different printing works.
  • Fast assemble process.

No Limits In Box Shapes

This custom printed round corrugated display stands is fully designed & craft by Shanghai BPS. Structure comes from the designer’s idea, and the shelves floor comes from a structural engineer’s idea. After testing in the market, it’s excellent to go and apply such a structure to our future customers.

Working with Shanghai BPS, you are not only enjoying a happy business relationship but more to gain extra service based on our experience. For example, various box structures. As you can see, the free box die-line page in the designing dropdown box, you can download existed box die-lines from our 1000+ free materials. Moreover, you can ask us to offer a custom die-line service if you want something special.

Test The Box With A Peaceful Mind

You will never be worried that the box doesn’t fit your products. Just send us your real products to place the whole boxes, or we will send you a final-no-change sample to test. We would suggest the previous idea, since we are professional in structure and material, can find out any possible potential problems. This custom printed round corrugated display stands is our proud, we want to pass this useful product to you, too.

Are you interested in changing this box with your artwork and size to fit your products? If yes, by fulfilling the contact form to send us an inquiry.