Custom Printed Six Pack Beer Carrier

Focus Features:

  • Perfect fitting six beer bottles, cardboard dividers make them separate.
  • Pre-glued structure fast assembles process, and foldable in shipping.
  • Rigid corrugated cardboard, printed outside with glossy lamination.
  • Customized size to fit different size bottles
  • Think green sustainable cardboard material

When Beer Need To Be Taken Away

The cardboard beer carriers come out when the beer needs to take away. In the past, beer is packed in a master carton, and take away with a plastic box that is not eco-friendly and cost-effective. When you use a plastic box, always need to send back after finish the drink. However, the cardboard beer carrier does not need to do so.

As you will take the box walking, the box will bear more weight once the beer bottle moves. In this point, make the beer carrier higher rigid quality is so necessary. We make such corrugated carrier with three plies, 350gsm CCNB paper as surface paperboard, 170gsm as a corrugated liner, and 330gsm US Kraft as interior paperboard, can load heavier items if you want.

Creative Beer Carrier Bottom Structure

Since beer shops are busy, and the carrier needs to be foldable. So we change the box bottom to be auto-locked. (What is auto-lock bottom box structure?) Also, the auto bottom is a multi-cardboard-joint structure, good quality in loading heavyweight products. You will never feel afraid beer drops out from the carrier.

The custom printed six-pack beer carrier is just a sample box when you come to this page, and please note that we can custom this box to fit your bottle and add your graphic artwork onto. Contact us to be first Today, by fulfilling the send inquiry box.