Custom Printed Toys Display Shelf

Focus Features:

  • Pantone color printing (PMS), unique and eye-catching.
  • Matt lamination on the box, add an elegant feeling and luxury feel to the box.
  • Five tiers classic structure designed, tall, and robust.
  • Detachable AD header, custom printed with your brand and product details.
  • A custom pallet displays can be joint with several single displays.
  • Anywhere printing
  • Eco-friendly cardboard material

More Details About The Floor Displays

The custom printed toys display shelf is a versatile solution that can be sold in both single cardboard floor stands and joint-structured cardboard pallet displays. When it comes to choosing the right box for your purpose, there are different factors to consider. For instance, if you sell toys in a small store, the single floor display is the best option. On the other hand, if you are planning bulk sales or promotions, the pallet displays are your best choice.

The pictures provided showcase the different options available. The single red display is a standard floor display, while the third picture shows the pallet display. The pallet display is an excellent solution when you need to place many products at one time and reload them fast.

You may be wondering how the boxes are joint. The custom printed toy display shelf is joint by 28 pieces of small cardboard cutting-and-fitting, and four plastic hangers. This configuration ensures that the displays are strong and durable and can withstand up to 500kgs of weight.

Working with us provides you with the opportunity to access a variety of box structures. Our free box die-line page in the designing dropdown box contains over 1000 free materials you can choose from. Moreover, we offer custom die-line services if you require something special.

If you’re interested in these floor displays, feel free to contact us for more information. Our team will work with you to create a custom solution that meets your specific needs. Whether you need a single floor display or a pallet display, we have you covered. Our experienced designers and engineers will ensure that you receive the best quality product possible.