Custom Printing Cardboard Telescopic Tubes For Wine

Focus Features:

  • Two-piece tube style
  • Almost completely covering lid
  • Custom printing
  • Perfect size for wine bottles


This is a two-piece lift-off lid tube style, which can protect products very well. Additionally, the tube diameter and length can be customized to fit any products that you want to pack.

The lid does not cover the bottom completely, and the top lid is shorter than the bottom base, making it easier to open the tube.

The edge is rolled, and the outside is printed with a pattern and finished with matte lamination. The inside is white without any printing.

The customer has 4 designs, each with one main color, and the minimum order quantity for each design is 500 pieces. The tube is suitable for packing wine bottles and can also be used for t-shirt packaging, coffee, and tea storage containers.

The material of the cardboard telescopic tubes for wine is durable cardboard with an indestructible wall that can resist crushing and keep your product safely packed inside. They can also be used as shipping or mailing tube boxes, providing protection for goods during shipment.


The 2-piece tube packaging style only consists of the top lid and the bottom base. Both parts are printed on the outside, and after sealing, the longer bottom neck will be exposed.

The top and bottom edges are rolled, and the inside opening has a smooth cut without a rolling edge. This design is suitable for storing bottles without extra room on the inside walls, which prevents shaking during shipment.

Since the tube is long, we have added a small hole on the bottom to expel the air pressure inside, making it easier to open and close.